19 weeks: The stubborn gene

The things I learned about thumb-sucking alien baby today:

  • It’s stubborn.
  • It has a beautiful spine.
  • It may have evil tendencies.
  • It’s going to be a future cyclist.
  • And it moves… thank goodness!

Today was my 18-20 week ultrasound and initially I thought I’d be going it alone as the lab is 45 minutes from Big Ring’s work. But that dear husband of mine caught the trepidation in my voice and announced a couple days ago that he’d be accompanying me.

Normally this is supposed to be an exciting, glorious time right. But for me, I’d kind of been fretting about it. See, I’ve been freaking out lately that I haven’t yet felt any kind of alien baby movement. And rightfully so! You wouldn’t believe how many people in the last three weeks (doctors, nurses, friends, co-workers, strangers) have asked if I’ve felt anything. Uhm, no. (And it’s not like I know what I’m supposed to be feeling!) So then, me being me, I started thinking something was wrong. Totally logical.

As far as I could tell I don’t think anything medical was wrong (aside from only seeing one leg) but my gawd, this kid is already showing my stubborn tendencies. It was laying on its belly, showing off its fully intact spine, and did not want to be disturbed. The lab tech tried moving me from one side to another, she put pressure down on the scopey thing rubbing cold gel all over my belly, but the kid, it was not budging. Finally, only after the tech had me pace for like five minutes, did alien baby change position.

And it was in that moment I realized we may have an evil one on our hands. Lying on its back, one side profile to us, with its tiny little hands out in front of it (all digits intact) it moved its fingers in rapid succession seemingly plotting evil. I could almost hear the “Mwahahahaha” coming out of it 😀

Caught mid evil plot.

But the best part was most definitely Big Ring’s reaction. When thumb-sucking alien baby was showing off its spine, we got a good glimpse of one of its legs (only one mind you) and my gawd it was a long one. “That’s a future cyclist!” Big Ring announced, big smile on his face, pride in his voice.

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