I’m rubber, you’re glue…

The other day I gave you something that I love, and so today, I give you something of the opposite: my new Animas sleeves.

Lunch bag letdown 🙁

Before I start, though, let me first preface this dislike by stating that my contact at Animas is so totally super awesome and pretty much bends over backwards for me when I have concerns about the product, which is how I ended up with the sleeves for my pump and metre in the first place. I emailed her last month to complain about the grubby state of my pump. It’s protective screen had started peeling up at the edges (likely from all the banging into walls I do) and had grime and crusty sweat and dirt and dust building up underneath, which was majorly grossing me out. However, when I got the replacement pump several months ago, there was a note attached stating under no circumstance was the protective screen to be removed, and if it was removed, I may not be covered if the pump were to break. Got to love that fear factor!

But my Animas chick said no problem. She’d send me a pack of new protective screens, and how about some protective sleeves as well. They had a range of colours to choose from, and given that I have a history of dropping my meter, it might be a good idea to get one, she suggested.

When I heard they had purple, I was in. I’ve always had a love affair with the colour purple. My bedroom in high school was a mix of purple and grey, two walls purple, two grey – colours that I recently resurrected with a mix of eggplant and slate grey coloured towels in my current bathroom. But when the sleeves came in the mail, to say I was disappointed is an understatement. The colour is more Barney the dinosaur than eggplant. Barney purple is so not my kind of purple!

The sleeves are also bulky, which sucks. And they’re made of rubber, which I’m sure has a great bounce factor if I were to drop my meter on the cement patio stones again, but the thing with rubber, it’s like a glue for dust, dirt, grime, grodies. And wasn’t my complaint in the first place the disgustingness that was building up on my pump?

Animas sleeves, major fail… sure glad I didn’t have to pay for them 😀

2 thoughts on “I’m rubber, you’re glue…”

  1. I’ve seen those sleeves and always wondered exactly what you just wrote. Suffice to say, I was right. and a VERY ugly colour of purple INDEED! it’s like pukey pink or something.

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