Love at first pump

Have you ever come across something and instantly knew you just had to have it? I have, many times. For example, the stand-up microphone in the Sears catalogue, I had to have. And year after year I repeatedly asked Santa, my parents, the stranger on the street corner for it, but was sadly denied every year. Apparently they didn’t want to hear my singing in stereo sound; they don’t know what they were missing 😉

But I tell you, the new Tandem t:slim insulin pump, I will not be denied. While this pump is not yet approved in Canada, and has only just begun its unveiling in the United States, to be released there shortly, come hell or high water, that sucker will be clasped on my belt by the time my medical coverage allows me a new pump. I promise you that.

What makes this pump so special? Look at it. It is like no other pump I have seen. It looks like an iPhone, It’s stylish, it’s easy on the eyes, looks easy to use, and most importantly, IT’S THIN! Compare that to my current pump, which looks like an outdated 90s pager (not cool), that I can’t hide EVER (totally not cool).

For a more magnified view, click on the picture

This pump would mean no more bulkiness pulling my undershirts above my waist bands (so annoying). No more bulging under my dresses. No more beefy metal jabbing into my back in the middle of the night. No more weighty pump pulling down my running shorts while in action. No more boxy Animas banging into walls, car doors, people. Ohhh heaven!

My only concern is the touch screen. I have major issues with touch screens. I don’t like finger prints sullying the beauty of the screen; it annoys me to no end when I see fingerprints on my iPhone, and I’m sure it would annoy me with this as well. But for style, I am so willing to make that sacrifice.

Tell me one thing you’re loving right now and I’ll tell you something I’m not loving in my next post!

3 thoughts on “Love at first pump”

  1. Banana Popsicles.

    Well, you asked what I’m loving right now – and that’s it!! 🙂

    Seems I can’t get through the night without creeping to the fridge to grab a banana Popsicle – oh, sweet!! 🙂

    Hope you are in iPump Paradise soon!! 🙂

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