Like a glamazon princess

Holy crud monkey, I saw my life flash before my eyes today – multiple times!

The culprit:

Holy crap heels!

When I purchased these shoes online a couple months ago, I did NOT realize the heels were that high, oh my. When I opened the box, my eyes wide eyed and shocked, I thought what the frick, how the heck am I to wear these suckers? I can barely walk in 1-inch heels, these ones are FIVE inches tall!

I stored them in my closet. They taunted me every morning. But then, there was this morning. It started out rather frenetic. I wanted to wear one of my 7 jeans, but couldn’t find them for the life of me, and no other pair would do. I tore apart my closet; my drawers; my laundry basket. The last time I wore them was Sunday; I couldn’t think of anywhere else they’d be. After 20 minutes of both Mario and I looking, I was beginning to believe we had a jeans bandit in the loft. With defeat in my voice, I finally told Mario it was hopeless, and grabbed for another pair. He walked down the stairs, I sadly buttoned the new pair up. Moments later though, I was interrupted by an “Ahem!” I looked up and there my dear husband was standing before me, my 7s in hand. Oh happy day!

Turns out, they had fallen off the loft banister and were crumpled on the living room floor. Doh.

After that drama, I needed to glam it up a bit. My Banana Republic mohair leopard print sweater, 7 jeans, and 5-inch nude heels, yep that would do it. And oh man was I ever towering – like a glamazon princess!

I discovered that driving in heels like that was pretty much near impossible; my legs shook like they did the first time I ever drove. Walking wasn’t much better. I almost fell over 7 times and nearly rolled my ankle 3 additional times (yes I did count). I came close to walking into 4 walls, nearly did a face plant on the way to the washroom, and in the washroom nearly fell into the toilet bowl. As such, my strategy for getting through the day was sitting at my desk the entire day … even if it meant suffering through an ever increasing bladder.

But hey, I looked hot!

After work I met Mario, my moms and grams at the Boathouse for dinner. Both my moms and grams are like 5-foot nothing, and just as we were leaving my grams nudges me, a twinkle in her eye, and says, “Come on shorty, let’s go.” 😀

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Like a glamazon princess”

  1. I could never walk in heels, as soon as I put even a 3 in. pair on, my foot cramps. Luckily I am already gargantuan. But, they sure are pretty!

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