Ohmygod I want her abs

What to do? What to do? What to do? I am going insane. The walking is no longer cutting it, I’m bored out of my bloody mind. I like my evenings to be full, and when I was running/cycling/aqua jogging/pilatesing they were bloody well full, so full it seems, I’ve neglected my non-running friends for the past four years, and no longer seem to have any. So now that I’ve got all this time on my bloody hands, I got nothing, nothing at all. There’s not even fall TV on yet to veg out in front of. So not cool!

I’m still feeling a slight pressure in my knee (I check it every day, multiple times a day) only a slightly slight pressure though, but I’ve got my “dear” physio in my head. Do nothing, he said. Ugh. Really hating those words right now – especially seeing as how I seem to have fallen off the favourite list and have not been bumped up on the waiting list. But I’m not bitter, oh no. YES I AM!

I’ve read books. I’ve read magazines. I’ve read the Internet. I’ve shopped the Internet. I’ve contemplated cleaning. I didn’t quite get there. I’ve looked at old photos. Stalked people on Facebook. Tried texting friends. Realized they’ve changed their numbers since I last contacted them. Thought about baking. Didn’t. And now, I am so freaking close to stabbing a bloody pen in my eye just to give myself something to do. Seriously, going insane!

I might very well be ending this exercise dormancy sooner than “dear” physio would like. We don’t want a pen in my eye now do we?

On a much more pleasant note: A super-fit, ohmygod-I-want-her-abs girlfriend of mine recently started up a blog of her own (B3 Fitness) that is so incredibly inspiring. Becky and I went to high school together many many moons ago and were only recently reconnected through Facebook about eight months ago. The Becky I remember from school was a physically tiny girl and the Becky I saw on Facebook was a super duper fit chick (see reference above). When I first saw her pictures, I thought her body was just naturally adept to looking that way, that she had a body made for fitness. It never once occurred to me that she had to work for those muscles – until I started reading her blog. Seriously people, if you have not seen her blog, go there now! If you need inspiration, go there now! And if, like me, you one day hope to have something a little more than a Tupac – go there now! You will not be disappointed.

What blogs – besides mine of course 😉 – are you loving right now?

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