SuperMattMan versus the road

Blog readers, I need your help. A few months ago my big brother sent me an email asking if I was running the Vancouver Sun Run this year. Truthfully, it’s not a favourite run of mine. While the location is beautiful, the people that run that race, I don’t know, they’re just all over the place. And the reward, a cotton shirt, doesn’t exactly make up for the claustrophobia stress. But, for my big brother, if he was going to run it, you darn rights I’d be running it too.

See, SuperMattMan is not a distance runner. He’s a soccer player, a good soccer player, he runs all-out short sprints like no other, but long distances do nothing for him. When I used to live with him, I’d guilt him into running 7-8 km with me at night, and he’d put up such a fuss about it, but wouldn’t dare let his baby sister run in the dark all by her lonesome. So you can imagine, when I got that email, I was thrilled. He, however, maybe had second thoughts about sending me that email, because I never did hear another peep out of him about it after I responded. But here’s the thing, I don’t forget big things.

And so when my moms recently presented the idea of our family participating in this year’s Abbotsford Police Challenge 5k walk or 10k run in June, my brother’s email instantly flashed before me. It was time he got another email, I thought.

Okay SuperMattMan, you’ve got 2.5 months to train, let’s RUN the police run together! That would be fun, come on, way better than the Sun Run, you can totally do it, do ittttt!”

Seriously, how can he NOT embrace running when his name is SuperMattMan? And how can he NOT embrace running when his kids are practically superheroes themselves. Just check out the youngest one here: Super. Hero.

As you may recall, before Little Man Finley was born my brother and sister-in-law were having a heck of a time coming up with a name for Baby Number 3. Mario and I had a bit of a campaign going for them to name him Lightening Bolt … seemed logical, really. And just look what I had made for the little guy. Perfection.

I think I may have outdone myself with this one 😀

SuperMattMan’s a little timid about running 10 km, he’s never done it before, so come on dear blog readers, let’s tell my big brother all about the greatness that is running.

3 thoughts on “SuperMattMan versus the road”

  1. running is ok but beating your siblings is AWESOME!! (or at least I think it is my sister beats me by 30 min in the marathon)

  2. Love the onsie. It is adorable. Would be awesome for you to run the Police Challenge with your brother. I promise to come out and cheer you on. 😀

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