Chasing legends

You see this tea, this chocolate chai tea, it was more than just tea for me, it was a brief moment today, just 10 minutes in a quiet corner of a British cafe, with Brit accents all around me, and the aroma of chocolate swirling up into my nose, and the daintiness of drinking from a China cup, no work, no phones, no stress, just a moment of perfection. A moment so desperately needed.

I’m pooped.

Last night, instead of trudging through yet another trainer ride while watching an episode of True Blood, Mario popped in Chasing Legends, a movie that documented HTC Columbia’s ride through the 2009 Tour de France, and it also went through a little bit of the Tour’s history. And you know, I never thought I’d actually enjoy the trainer, but last night proved me wrong. With that movie, riding while watching one of my favourite cyclists Mark Cavendish sprint to so many of the stage finishes that I still remember watching two years ago, it suddenly felt as though, I don’t know, I was there a little bit, part of the team, you know. And so I couldn’t just go through the motions of pushing the pedals, I had to work, I had to work my butt off to help George Hincappie, “Captain America” get that cocky, and oh-so-cute Cavendish to the finish line, and keep Thor Freaking Hushovd out of the mix. Four sprints, that’s what I did. Yep, you can just call me Princess Canada 😀

And then tonight I hit up the pool for an aqua jogging session that lasted 55 minutes, 35 of which were WITHOUT the  belt! Like I said, pooped.

But here’s the thing about the pool: just when I started to get somewhat comfortable going, and started to store the nasty icks about the place at the back of my head, some old dude goes and sits off the edge of the deep end, which I’m jogging towards, and picks his freaking toes! HIS TOES! Are you kidding me? I seriously threw up a little in my mouth then and there! And back to being the anti-pool germaphobe I go!


  • 5 p.m. BG before: 9.3 (had a granola bar 1/2 hour before, no bolus)
  • Temp. basal -40 per cent (1 hour)
  • Time: 55 minutes
  • 6:30 p.m. BG after: 5.1
  • Temp. basal +40 per cent (1 hour)

I’m trying something new with my basal rates post exercise. For some time now my BG has been skyrocketing post exercise, and last night it was the highest it’s ever been. So tonight I decided to add a positive temporary basal for the same amount that I had as a negative for an hour after exercise to see how it reacted. When I got home, my BG was .2 less than when I finished exercising. Not bad, but we’ll wait and see how it is a few hours from now.

Do you have a favourite cyclist, runner, any endurance athlete really?

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  1. Peter Schofield

    I loved “Chasing Legends” what an inspirational documentary. Apparently today’s Pacific Polulare ride was a qualifier 😉

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