Work is like a box of chocolates

I have run with five pound weights in my hands, newly purchased high heels in my hands, and as of this evening, wine bottles in my hands.

But let’s rewind here for a sec. My favourite co-worker and I decided to purchase a bottle of wine for one of the local politicians. Now, before you start thinking ohhh that’s not very journalistic, hear me out on this. Every year Politician brings each of us a box of Purdy’s chocolates and we all know how much I do so love my chocolate. Yep, even politicians can win me over with a box of chocolates. So after the second year of him doing this, I came to expect it, so much so, that two years ago I wrote him a letter on the first of December asking him where my chocolates were? Last year, I called him up: “Hello Politician,” I greeted him. “Do you realize what month it is? Do you realize my belly is going through major chocolate withdrawals? Where oh where are my chocolates?” And this year, earlier this week in fact, my favourite co-worker called him up and left a message telling him he was getting a little shoddy with the chocolate delivery. (Hmm … I’m beginning to wonder whether he brings the chocolates nowadays because he still wants to or because I pressure him to?) It’s a good thing he’s got a great sense of humour 😀

So after five years of enduring my chocolate harassment, my co-worker figured (I’m not that thoughtful) maybe we should give something back. We decided on a bottle of wine and I was the one commissioned to get it. No problem. I knew exactly where I’d find the perfect bottle: Divinos Quayside Wine Cellar. It’s just a hole in the wall shop, but my goodness, do not let the size fool you, it is seriously one of the best wine shops I’ve been to jam packed with great selection and great names. It’s funny, every time I go there they try to educate me on the fineness of the wines, but it’s always the names and labels that catch my eyes: Ballbuster, Quickie, Misfit, Dirty Laundry, Fat Bastard, 7 Deadly Zins, Menage a Trois, and yes, Bitch is a good one too!

And seeing as how Divinos is located right on the Quay, I figured Mario and I could combine it with a quick run before dinner.

TONIGHT’S RUN: (no Garmin)

  • 6:10 p.m. BG before: 4.0 (had a low right before that I medicated with orange juice, granola bar and one DEX tab)
  • Temp. basal – 50 per cent
  • Distance: 3.5 km
  • 7 p.m. BG after: 3.8 (Yikes!)

We stopped in at the store on the loop back home, but we didn’t have much time to peruse as it was just closing up. Good thing I knew exactly what I was looking for: Kestrel Vinters Lady in Red. Every year, the Washington-based vineyard puts out a holiday edition wine that is so in your face sexy, it’s almost laughable – and so perfect for Politician! I couldn’t just get one bottle though, I needed balance while running, so I had to get a second bottle of course 😀

And let me just say, it ain’t easy running with wine, it was freaking brutal!  First off, they were heavy. And second, I had sweaty hands and major fears of the bottles slipping through those sweaty hands of mine. It would have been no biggie to drop the high heels, but if I’d dropped the wine, oh man, there may have been tears. Yes, this princess cries over spilled wine!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve run with or done while running?

5 thoughts on “Work is like a box of chocolates”

  1. The craziest thing I’ve ever done while running is … well, running for no good reason!! Nope, I’m not gonna waste MY precious energy jogging for purported health benefits. I’m saving myself for a quick dash from a house fire, or a tsunami roaring up the Fraser Valley, or an armed Politician, locked and loaded for impertinent wine-bearing journalists.
    But I LOVE your blog, Ms Bartel. No wonder you were awarded the prize for the most diverse writing. I have learned more – and laughed more – reading your blog than any other single source, bar none. You are an inspiration without being maudlin, an education without being boring … and such nice pictures to illustrate your musings. Thank you 🙂

  2. The craziest thing I’ve done while running is rupture both my achilles tendons. Grade 8 rugby practice, like a couple of slowly deflated tires that just stopped working.

    BG 3.8. That’s low, yeah, so could you tell you were low during the run?

  3. I once ran with two litres of oil.
    same as you, I was out for a run and needed to get an errand done at the same time. Needed oil for my sad dying car.

  4. Well I wasn’t running, but once, many years ago while out cycling I decided that I needed to buy corn on the cob. 8 ears all together. Of corse a road bike does not have a rack or any other suitable means of carrying cargo, but those jerseys do have nice pockets in the back. Thinking back I don’t know how they all fit, but in my best “rocket pack” style got them home in time for dinner!

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