Dear Santa…

For the past eight days, I have been in full-fledged gloating mode. I know it’s not proper to gloat, but I just can’t help it when I see 98 per cent of the world flocking to the malls, elbowing their way through the mind-numbing hustle and bustle of mass-produced goods, when I’m at home, relaxing with my tea, looking at the stacks of presents that have been wrapped for months already. Yep, I am one of those shoppers. Done my shopping by November at the very latest, often starting in the young summer months. But I know, I know, not everyone can be as prepared as me, namely those who go by Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, and Father Christmas. But stress not, my dear, sweet jolly elfs, because I have prepared for you my annual letter:

What oh what will he bring for me this year?

I like to think of us as friends, don’t you? Thirty two years I’ve been faithfully sending you my letters, and faithfully baking a selection of tasty under the tree treats to fuel you for the rest of your journey. And because we have such a great repoire, I’m thinking, we can just scrap the whole checking the naughty or nice list this year. Just put it away, my friend, no sense straining your eyes, they are getting up there in age after all. Just trust me, I assure you I am top of the nice list, you couldn’t find a nicer princess, not even Princess Di if she were still around could top my niceness…

Okay, so I refused to share my Belgian chocolates when a friend hinted at wanting some, so I treated a co-worker like he had the consumption when he had a common cold, so I cursed an old woman who could barely see over her steering wheel and who nearly smashed her car into mine. But really, that’s not so naughty, even you wouldn’t have shared your Belgian chocolate I’m sure. So let’s get down to business.

The Christmas Wish List:

• Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 shoes, size 8.5: Despite the fact that my closet is still bursting at the seams with running shoes, even after purging a good seven pairs a couple of weeks ago, I still need more. In fact, I’m looking for a pair to store in my car for those random days where I’m not planning to run, but suddenly get the urge to run. Yes, I am a touch crazy.

• Subscription to Runner’s World magazine: This gift is two-fold, three-fold even if you count the daydreams it would surely induce as I ogle all the races I’m reading about. This gift encompasses both my love of reading and my love of running. Perfection.

• Nike Performance Set Glove and Beanie: Training for the marathon starts in January. And while I don’t live in the North Pole, or eastern Canada for that matter, it’s still cold out here, especially for someone like me who somehow gets the chills on the hottest days of summer.

• Asics Kayano Classic Socks: I have two pairs of these socks and bar none they are the best running socks EVER! I especially love how they tell me which one goes on which foot with an L and an R stitching on the front. But because I love them so much I refuse to wear any of my other running socks, forcing me to do laundry more times than I’d like to during peak training season.

• Books: The Athletes Palate Cookbook by Yishane Lee. Racing Weight by Matt Fizgerald. A Runner’s Logbook to record my runs and such.

And for a bonus stocking stuffer: flashing safety lights… Belgian chocolate is also nice 😉

Princess of Pavement xx

What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year?

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