The fast and the furious

Dear devil driver, who purposely swerved your boat of a vehicle, right into the line of us dear runners, with a sadistic look in your eyes.

If you were looking to scare us, you can pat yourself on the back, as you were successful in your goal. But, just in case you haven’t yet learned the lessons of life, please do allow me to school you a tad here: Karma’s a bitch jerk face! Have a nice life! 😀

Princess of Pavement

Okay, seriously, what the heck? No sooner did I write yesterday’s blog entry about being in a no sick zone did a runner in one of the other clinics come to last night’s talk, and sit directly in front of me, and then proceed to announce that she’s got the pneumonia! Are you freaking kidding me? I had just finished telling my favourite running chicks that sick people currently scare me, and rightfully so! The second I heard mention of the pneumonia, my face went stone cold sober. My girls were trying to contain themselves from bursting out laughing (unsuccessfully) but bless her dear heart, Lori took one for the team and switched spots with me, so I was at least a runner’s distance away from pneumonia chick.

But seriously, come on people, you know that we’re all training for a race here, and that we’re in the final stretch of said training, if you’re sick, STAY HOME!!!


  • 6:15 p.m. BG before: 4.8 (granola bar, bolus: 0.15 units)
  • 6:45 p.m. BG: 7.1
  • Distance: 9.81 km (recovery)
  • Average pace: 6.42 min. per km
  • Average heart rate: 157 bpm
  • Time: 1:05:48
  • 7:30 p.m. BG after: 4.1

Not only did I have pneumonia chick and devil driver dude trying to take me out of the game, I also had to contend with my first night of running in the rain. This clinic has been mostly a sunshine-filled clinic, with some overcast skies, and a little drizzling here and there, but nothing like last night. The skies opened up and rained fury on our heads. And while I generally don’t mind running when its sprinkling out or even somewhat raining, it’s actually kind of fun some days, I was so not a fan of last night.

The whole run, we were trying to hide our heads from the pelting rain bullets smacking us in the face; unsuccessfully trying to dodge the puddles, which I think Lori took the brunt of (her shoe was quack-quacking); trying to run, not slide down the hills; trying to see two steps ahead of us – it was pitch black for a good portion of the run; and trying to do all this with screaming calves thanks to those “oh-so-lovely” speed intervals the night before. Where oh where did my summer go?

The first soaking of the year = Brrrr!!!

I’m off to my girlfriend’s outdoor wedding tomorrow (and wishing her no rain) and then running 32k on Sunday. How are you spending your weekend?

3 thoughts on “The fast and the furious”

  1. I will be running 32k with you on Sunday and then enjoying breakfast lovingly prepared by Janet and her husband with a helping hand from Megan. That is how I am spending my weekend. 🙂

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