Germies, go home!

T-25 days until Portland Marathon + T-27 days until Europe = NO SICK ZONE!

Normally on run days I head to my brother’s house after work before my run, and hang out with my super awesome nephews and sister-in-law and brother, which is a great set up because I can change there and fill up my water bottles and spend much-loved quality time with the family. But on Tuesday, just as I was leaving their house, I noticed that my younger nephew was talking somewhat nasally. Hmm, I thought. Add to that his dripping nose + his somewhat non-communicative, grumpy state of being = oh crap, he’s sick.

I practically ran to my car avoiding any kind of hugs, high fives or fist bumps goodbye, and lathered on the sanitizer, which, I discovered, can go bad in hot temperatures … lucky for me I had a back-up bottle in my purse! Did I happen to mention I’m somewhat of a germaphobe when it comes to sick people, especially when I’m this close to my marathon and that close to my vacation? Don’t want to be sick for either.

So, I relegated myself to a local coffee shop after work for a couple of hours yesterday, waiting for the time I could head out and meet up with my peeps for speed intervals. Oh joy. (note the sarcasm.)

It’s hard being in a no sick zone, especially at this time of year, when practically everyone is sick. I’ve been lathering on the sanitzer like there’s no tomorrow, and then I start thinking, what if the sanitizer is burning off my defense mechanisms, causing me to get sick anyway, and then the me walking around smelling like a hospital would have been all for naught.

And seriously, what the heck is up with people wanting to shake my hand? Do they not understand I’m in a no sick zone? I tried explaining it to a couple of people, but they just looked at me like I was insulting them because I wouldn’t shake their grimy hands, of which I swear one of them wiped her nose with prior to wanting to shake my hand! Ewww! So now, I just tell them I’m sick = works like a charm 😛

Back to the coffee shop, though. The second I heard the slightest cough, I booked it out there, and ended up sitting in my car at the track 30 minutes before I was to meet my peeps. Ugh.

How do you stay sick-free before a big race?


  • 6:00 p.m. BG before: 11.1
  • Temp basal: -50 per cent
  • Warm up: 4 laps around the track, 4 minute pace per lap
  • Five 800 metre repeats with a recovery lap in between each
  • Average heart rate: 165 bpm
  • Cool down: 4 laps around the track, 4 minute pace per lap
  • 7:30 p.m. BG after: 10.1

So, I have some disturbing news to share, but if you tell anyone, I’ll deny it to the bitter end. You know how  last week I went on and on and on about my loathing of speed intervals? Well, I’m actually not finding them to be all that awful this time around. Sure they’re hard as hell and I’m huffing and puffing like there’s no tomorrow, but I’m getting through them, I’m not dying at the end, I’m not trying to figure out escape routes halfway through, or contemplating just all out quitting 10 strides in. I’m doing it, which in itself is quite shocking.

Is this track smaller than Rotary? Are my legs stronger? Is the Yassos method the most brilliant speed interval training method ever? What’s the deal?

Sure, I still dread the starting point, but once I get going, I go. And I’m maintaining a consistent 4:50 to 5 minute pace, which seems to be fast enough for me, and the fact that I can maintain it for pretty much all my laps is essentially the goal, which again is a good thing.

On our recovery laps, Lori and I always seem to slow down as soon as we see this, our dreaded speed intervals starting point.


  1. 1:57 and 2:01
  2. 2:00 and 2:03
  3. 1:59 and 2:02
  4. 1:59 and 2:02
  5. 2:00 and 2:03

So, according to those stats, and according to Yassos, I should be finishing my marathon in 3 hours and 58 minutes or 4 hours and 3 minutes or 4 hours and 1 minute. Woohoo!

Finished! Thank Heavens!

But I still hate the track! 😉

QUESTION FOR MY DIABETIC PEEPS: I’ve been contemplating taking my pump off during the speed intervals as it kind of feels like it’s gonna whip down my shorts, which, I’m thinking, would not be a good thing for my speed or my humility. Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Germies, go home!”

  1. I don’t know what a speed interval is … but the picture makes it look like some sort of medieval torture instrument … which I gather it is, in a way. But you sure look happy at the finish line!! 🙂

  2. I bet that you would run faster without your pump annoying you on your speed laps Katie 😉 You would not have to concentrate so much on keeping your shorts up, LOL

  3. At first I was kind of terrified of training on a track -hello, monotony!- but I got used to it after a while and it was kind of nice to zone out there.

    I can’t believe how soon the marathon is! You are going to rockrockROCK it!

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