A lunge butt kicking

Do you know what it’s like to have a stomach that looks like the arm of a heroin addict? I do. Ever since going on the insulin pump, my belly has been inundated with sore-looking red blotches spanning from side to side, up and down. And while I’m not one to go frolicking in a bikini anytime soon, you just never know when that opportunity may arise. And I’m sure, as most girls will attest, no one wants to be seen with a diseased-looking belly. So, I took matters into my own hands earlier this week.

I had to change my infusion on Thursday, and instead of putting it in the fleshiest part of my belly, I opted to insert it into the my upper thigh. Big mistake. While the spot was, I think, the easiest, most painless spot to insert the infusion, it wasn’t exactly the most functional. The first time I went to the washroom with it in, I nearly ripped half of it off. And given that I was at work, I couldn’t exactly put a new one in. But fear not, Scotch tape is my friend.

Not quite as good as Duct tape, but it did the job ... sort of.

I had to do a few tape jobs through the day, the result of further washroom and changing of the clothes mishaps, and another touch up after a run as it quickly became evident that Scotch tape and sweat don’t mix. But even so, I still thought I was good to go … until the next morning when I noticed the tape was irritating my thigh. Back to the belly sites I went.

To all the pump users out there: Where, other than the stomach, do you insert your infusions?

So yesterday afternoon, on my lunch break, I completed Day 1 of the Legs Love Lunges challenge, and let me just say, lunges are my new nemesis! OUCH!

After Google searching how to do a lunge and watching a few Youtube videos on it and asking one of the chicks at the Running Room to show me how, I drove to a nearby park that I was pretty sure would be empty and staked out a spot.

I figured the distance between the two trees, out and back, was good enough for me.

There was a guy across the field on a big ride-on lawn mower that I tried to ignore hoping, wishing he couldn’t see me, and there was also a group of construction workers at the other end of the park that again I tried to ignore. I swear I stared at those trees for like five minutes trying to work up the courage to get going. But it wasn’t until I realized that I was sweating to beat all hell just standing there (in the Valley, the temps hit the 30s yesterday) that I finally put one foot forward, and made sure my knee was coming over my ankle, and that my back leg was coming down at a 90 degree angle, and kept lunging forward. Hey, this isn’t so bad, I thought. 13 out. 13 back. 26 lunges done. No problem.

Until today. My butt is sore, the front of my thighs are sore, the back of my thighs are sore, the sides of my thighs are sore. OUCH! What have I gotten myself into?


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