Walking just doesn’t cut it

Oh man I totally wimped out today. I skipped tonight’s run, just like I did yesterday, but unlike yesterday, I’ve pretty much been berating myself all day for that decision. Joy.

When I woke up this morning I still had tightness going on in my hip and upper thigh and as much as I tried willing it away, it was not going away (The Secret, you suck!). So all through my shower, all through my hair blow drying, all through my wardrobe changes (there were a few) and all through breakfast I kept debating whether or not to run. I opted for the not, figuring that one more day off wasn’t going to hurt me, in fact it could very well help me. And seeing as how I’ve got 29k on Sunday, I was thinking I needed to be in tip top shape. No pain.

And so, to ensure I wouldn’t change my mind, I left my bag of running gear at home. It appears I know myself all too well. By about 2 this afternoon, I was feeling pretty darn good, the tightness was loosening up, the pain was going away, I was itching for a run. And it didn’t help knowing that one of my favourite running chicks, who I have limited running time with before she goes back to the States later this month, was gonna be out tonight after being away for-like-ever! But no could do, the running gear was at home. Boo. Let the berating begin.

I tried to figure out an alternative plan like going to the gym for strength training, which I’ve kind of neglected for the past two months, or doing lunges, which I really have no idea how to do but am determined to learn, or getting on the stationary bike, which bores the heck out of me, or going for a swim. But every alternative plan of action I came up with all boiled down to a fear of triggering further IT irritation … well, except for the swimming, that was more a fear of the icky germs congregating in the public pool. Eww!

So, while all my running gals were out building strength on hill repeats, I was walking. Briskly walking. Don’t believe me? I got proof!

And good golly it took everything I had on that short two and half kilometre jaunt NOT to start running. It takes forever to get anywhere walking! Just saying …

A little (lot!) of the Häagen Dazs to soothe the non-running soul!

What is your go-to cross training exercise when not running?

5 thoughts on “Walking just doesn’t cut it”

  1. Hahaha Pete!!!!!!!
    Have we told you lately that we love you!
    Oh, and thanks for putting ice cream in our minds….guess who stopped at DQ on the way home to Chilliwack????
    Missed to Miss Katie!!!! See you tonight. You’ll have all the energy – so get ready for the endless complaints of sore legs.

  2. Pete you’re just jealous you couldn’t join in on the conversation… Mr. Speedy Gonzales!

    And boy that ice cream was goooooood!

  3. Peter Schofield

    I would have joined in on the conversation but you stopped talking when Rick and I chased you back to the parking lot 😉

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