Pizza, chocolate, ice cream, oh my

Why is it that when you get sick, and you put physical activity on the back burner, in favour of health-inducing rest, your body goes into massive comfort food craving mode? Well, at least mine does!

We’re on Day 2 of having a burning dry throat, a belly sucking cough, and nasty grodies flying up – and no running, no elliptical, no weights, no yoga, no nothing. Oh wait, that’s not true, there has been something … homemade barbecued pizza, chock-a-block full of gooey cheese and pepperoni. It seems, this most ill-timed cold has caused me to push my more healthy eating options, such as say salmon and salad aside, in favour of the ooey, gooey, yummy, hmm-hmm-hmmm comfort food. My blood sugars so love me right now; note the sarcasm!

If you look hard enough you can see the veggies under all that cheese!

The pizza wasn’t my only comfort of the day. Oh no, when I was feeling especially sorry for myself and couldn’t find some spare comfort chocolate in my desk drawer (how on earth that happened, I do not know) I went and loaded up on chocolate at the European deli just down the street from my office – but it’s the good stuff!

Mint tea + chocolate = perfect remedy

And after dinner, well, I may very well have indulged in some more Haagen Daz … but it’s not my fault, Mario went and bought some more. I couldn’t possibly say no, now could I.

These may not have been the healthiest, wisest choices, but hey, I’m stuck at home, I’m not running (which is really starting to annoy the heck out of me) and I’m sure – in my drug clouded head – that the gooey pizza, the creamy chocolate, and the cooooooooool, soothing ice cream is the perfect common cold cure. I’m going with it 😀

And on the upside, I have a sexy sounding raspy voice, AND Mario and I were finally able to sit down and plan some of our New York trip … SoHo shopping, here I come!

Brooklyn Bridge, check. Broadway, check. SoHo boutiques, check. Katie and Caitlin, YIPPEE!

What remedies do you use to get rid of a cold?

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