Cocooning instead of running

Oh what a sad, sad day yesterday was for us West Coast hockey fans. It was Game 6 of the second round series between Vancouver and Chicago. Chicago was up by two games, and the Canucks had to win to push the series to a Game 7. And I had to watch. But I had a school board meeting to cover (they so did NOT plan that meeting with hockey fans in mind). No worries, that’s what laptops are for! I lugged the laptop to the meeting, set up CBC’s live feed in front of me (I was working, really, I was ;)) and was just waiting to stifle the excited cheers, but alas, it was more like eye-rolling groans. In a deja-vu like game (May 11, 2009, the Canucks were in another Game 6 must-win situation against the Blackhawks!) the Canucks were brutally ousted. 5-1.
Single tear exiting the eye 🙁

But on the upside, I’m currently winning the “Real Man’s” hockey pool – and still have 6 out of 10 players in the running!

Oh look, I'm allowed to heart you again

I really wanted to do a run after work today, and I was planning on heading out to the trails as I’ve been told they’re a great combatant against the wind (because of the tree shelter) but, it seems, the wind broke me first.

On my way to work this morning I noticed that I couldn’t break free of this ongoing feeling of having to clear my throat, which quickly turned into an annoying scratch, which further evolved into a dry cough. A cold? Noooooo!

I so blame wind!

I ran out to the pharmacy and loaded up a basket full of zinc lozenges, echinacea tablets, vitamin c, Cold FX, Buckley’s – you name it, I pretty much had it. When I took it up to the pharmacist, she gave me this Oh you poor, little brainwashed child look and informed that none of those things have actually been proven to rid a person of a cold. I told her I was desperate. She told me rest and liquids. I compromised and walked out with just the Cold FX … I was pretty sure I still had some vitamin c kicking around somewhere in my desk drawer anyway!

I then booked it over to Starbucks for some tea. Now, normally I’m a black tea drinker, I like my straight chai and earl grey, none of those fancy fruity flavours. But today, I had no choice, I had to go herbal – Tazo Calm Full Leaf it was. I put in about a teaspoon of organic blackberry honey, and oh my goodness, I kid you not, this tea was like a mint garden, with a touch of sweetness, dancing around in my mouth! Yummmmm! I may very well be a convert!

Yes, I have been brainwashed!

The cold (if that’s even what it is) is not in my chest, so technically I could have probably gone for a run and been okay, but with New York just days away, I didn’t want to risk it. So instead, I’m getting reacquainted with my couch, the Haagen Daaz in my freezer, and the backed up TV shows on the PVR: Amazing Race finale, maybe a little One Tree Hill, or Grey’s Anatomy, or How I Met Your Mother, or Big Bang Theory … I told you it was backed up!

A little peanut butter might even help. Hey, you never know – and it just so happens that Early Morning Run has a fancy peanut butter giveaway! Check it out!

4 thoughts on “Cocooning instead of running”

  1. I have a cold too…..and I haven’t gone running either! We can be couch potatoes together. 😛

    (I’m trying to walk more…or walk more briskly, as a way of getting some activity in.)

  2. Montreal is going to win!!! You take care of yourself…probably a little to do with allergies, which is very strong right now….

  3. No no no no no…you cannot get sick before you go to New York. I hope it didn’t get worse. But there is a reason for everything….mint tea is the best! I am like you, not a tea drinker unless it’s black, but I love my mint tea!

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