Facing those damn dreaded weights

So I’m thinking it needs to be Easter/Thanksgiving Dinner about two, maybe even three, times a week – it was the motivation I needed to get my butt down into the gym!
How, I ask you, do the gym rats do it? I just cannot seem to muster up the enthusiasm to slog away on the elliptical trainer or the stairmaster or – “yawn” – the stationary bike for hours, let alone 30 minutes. But I must do it. I must, I must, I must.
See, I made a nasty little promise to myself, not too long ago, that I was going to to embark on a full-scale training program this time around, not just running. That means cross-training, core (not such a fan of ab work either) and, yes, facing those damn dreaded weights too!
Mind you, I’m not really doing so hot on that promise; yesterday was like the third time out in three weeks. Now, if I can get myself up to two times a week, I’ll be laughing, or crying with boredom … and disgust. Have you seen the people that hang out in gyms? Good golly, it’s like a steroids fest down there! And they’re huffing and puffing, and flexing their muscles, and crashing their weights down every two seconds, clanging metal against metal, freaking the crap out of me every single time. Ugh. No wonder I prefer the open road … and really, how could I not with the beauty of B.C. all around me.
But, unfortunately for me, having strong muscles improves endurance, and makes it less likely to get injured. And the only way I’m going to get strong muscles, is by pushing and lifting those damn weights. Oh joy.


  • 9:30 a.m. BG 6.4
  • 20 minutes elliptical trainer, interval hills
  • 30 minutes weights: 3 reps of 12 each: leg press, chest press, leg extension, hamstring curl
  • 5 minutes cool down, walking the treadmill
  • 5 minutes stretching
  • 10:30 a.m. BG 4.7

I so deserved that honey-glazed ham, turkey, cheese-covered vegetables and stuffing, oh did I ever deserve that stuffing. Yum!

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