He wants 3D, she wants Godzilla

After about three weeks of near perfect blood sugar levels, they took a nosedive (actually, more like a trampoline leap) this weekend – my readings have been showing 10s, 11s, 12s, and early this morning, a disturbing 17.1! I blame the Belgian waffles, the Pilsbury cookies, and yes, maybe even a bit of the paella and beer too.

Love paella, but don't love what it does to my blood sugars.

I haven’t quite figured out the whole waffle thing with carb counting; Calorie King drastically underestimates them, so Mario and I have been trying to do the math ourselves … keep in mind, we’re both journalists, math does not come easily to us. It’s a 9X9″ waffle (we got the tape measure out (counted 52 grams of carbs)) with approximately a half cup of blueberries (10g), plus about three tablespoons of ED Smith syrup, give or take (7g). I love waffles, and usually have them once every couple of weeks, but I cannot figure out the carbs in them for the life of me – every time I eat them my blood sugars shoot right up. And the same goes for the Pilsbury stick-em-in-the-oven cookies … but I think the cookies are more to do with the amount of fat in them, and how long it takes for that fat to react, than the carb-counting. I did a combo bolus for the cookies, making it so the insulin continuously streamed into me over a two-and-a-half hour period, and by the time I went to bed, just as the combo had completed, my blood sugars were perfect at 6.3, but by 6 a.m. they were 17.1 – OUCH!
Been doing a lot of insulin corrections this weekend, but hey, it’s Easter – I can’t possibly be perfect all the time 🙂

The weather this weekend hasn’t been the greatest, in fact it feels like how it should have been (but wasn’t) during the Winter Olympics: cold and stormy and windy, so windy, I seriously almost got blown over walking from my car to the condo. Not so great weather for cycling, but perfect weather for the movies.
Yesterday, we went and saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D and it was my first 3D experience. Mario has been raving about 3D TV ever since it was first announced; he even specifically took me out to the Best Buy last week just to put the glasses on. I, however, have not been so keen on the whole thing, given that I really don’t care to be wearing glasses every time I veg out in front of say One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, or even 24, no matter how stylish they may look – those glasses are so a brain tumour waiting to happen! But I figured I’d give it a shot for the movie. We went to the Cambie theatre, which is a bit of an old-time theatre. I stuck the glasses on (which so don’t look like the red-and-blue coloured glasses I remember getting in the Cheerios boxes in the ’80s) and I hated them right from the get-go. I didn’t like having things flying into my face; I didn’t like the glare on the glasses; and I most definitely didn’t like the headache that was brewing. So, I stand by what I said before the 3D experience. If Mario gets a 3D TV, I get a Great Dane, of which I would name Godzilla, God for short 😛

Loved the movie, hated the glasses

Last night, we watched the Blind Side, and I got to say, I was thoroughly disappointed that it was nominated for a best picture Oscar. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was a decent movie (far too long mind you) but definitely not Oscar worthy. And I was also thoroughly shocked that Sandra Bullock won for best actress. Both Mario and I agreed, aside from the accent and the dye job, it was a role she could have done in her sleep. Bullock’s performance did not, in any way, pop like the performances of Carey Mulligan in An Education (by far the best movie of last year) or Meryl Streep in Julie and Julia.
This afternoon we went and saw Crazy Heart at the Fifth Avenue (another old-time theatre … I like those ones much better than the overcrowded and overpriced Silvercitys and Metropolis’s) and unlike my thoughts on Sandra Bullock, I whole-heartedly believe Jeff Bridges earned his win. My only gripes, is that the movie was so much like The Wrestler, but I figured that going in, so I tried to not let that cloud my judgement, and that, again, it was far too long!
After the movie we went and got some hot tea from the Granville Island Tea Company (a tea treat). Today’s flavour: Vanilla and Hazelnut black tea. Yummmmmm!

My new favourite flavour

Hope you’re all enjoying your Easter weekend and hopefully the Easter bunny fills your baskets tomorrow morning 🙂

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