Choose Your Own Adventure

Cockiness is a directionally challenged runner’s demise. For the past month or so, I’ve been running the trails every Tuesday with a group of favourites. I’d run this route four, maybe five times total. The first two or three times I’d had Miss Hills (also known as Speedy Hill Hero) guiding me, but last week Miss Hills was MIA, and the others not so keen to go speedy. And so, I cautiously ran ahead and stopped at every turn awaiting direction on my next steps. This week, however, (Miss Hills still MIA) I was not so cautious. All smiles when I stick with the group. It didn’t start out that way. I had intended to run slower today, I had even started out purposely running behind the group so as to prevent my feet from charging up the hills as they, for some crazy unknown reason, some times like to …

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Asphalt yes, cement no, trails maybe

Timing is everything. On the drive to my brother’s after work I was cursing myself for choosing to run today instead of yesterday. The monsoon last night was nothing compared to the golf ball sized hail smashing down on my window today. And last night I had my jacket with me, but tonight, as my eyes started spinning watching that hail, I realized my jacket was hanging on the banister at home – an hour away. Oh crud. And it’s not like I could just shirk this run, I had to run, I haven’t run since Saturday, I needed to get at least one mid-week run in before Saturday’s long run. So, come hail, come monsoon, come thunder and lightening, I would be running. Ahh but my timing proved perfection. By the time I drove up to my brother’s house, the sun was shining and the dark clouds were a good …

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