running with a cold

Speed: 1. Cold: 0.

To blog or not to, that’s a question I have been struggling with a lot lately. I have plenty of things to share, but not time it seems to put thought to screen. (See: I blame chemistry.) But yesterday’s question was a different one, one that took priority over the latter: To run, or not to. I have had, well, actually I don’t really know what I have had. Shortly after finishing the First Half back in mid February I was struck by my first cold in probably a year, a full on head cold right in the thick of midterms. It lasted over a week, but thankfully did not invade my chest. Two weeks later, my throat was closing up on me and my voice began to sound like that of a wearied 30-year heavy, pub-patroning smoker. What the frick? I couldn’t possibly be getting another cold. No way. …

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This is me listening

When the running community tells you don’t run, you don’t run. Our community is a pretty hardcore community. We run in all weather, super hot, humid temperatures, torrential downpours, snow, sleet, hail; we run in the wee hours of the morning and the late hours of the evening; we run when we’re miserable; we run when we’re sad; we run when we’re hurting, physical pain shooting through all regions of our body, and we’re still out there. And when we’re sick, eyes watering, stuffy nose, sore throat sick, we run. But the chest, that’s another story. I’ve known the rule for years: anything below the neck, stay home. But sometimes, I need a reminder. Like, you know, after battling a persistent cold for a month, and already missing out on a week of running due to said cold, and being miserable, stuck inside, feeling frumpy, worrying about the missed mileage, …

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