Pop goes the shoulder

Hello pavement, meet my face… If it wasn’t so shocking or so extremely painful, I might have actually been laughing. We were on the homeward stretch of our 5 km evening run, about a kilometre away from completion, we were talking, I was feeling good, my calves were as loose as a wet noodle, I was getting ready to surge forward. And then… Big Ring had said something, but I couldn’t hear him, so I looked back in his direction, and by the time I had repositioned my head forward, it was too late. The toe of my shoe had fumbled over an elevated piece of cement and I was going down. Oh crud. Bad pavement! Bad! Bad! Bad! I had two choices: Put my hands flat down for support and risk breaking my wrist again, or go into an all out dive. I chose the latter. With my arms …

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Oh. My. McDreamy.

I did what you told me moms, I envisioned it, I dreamed it, I pictured it real hard, and you know what, it actually worked. Me and McDreamy. Ahhhh sigh. The day before the Levi Leipheimer Gran Fondo, Mario and I headed into Santa Rosa to pick up his race packet at the Finley Centre and to explore the expo. While Mario had his eyes peeled for cycling deals and cycling treats, I had mine peeled for dreamy cyclists 😀 Found me a team truck, now all I needed was to find me a Levi. There wasn’t a whole heck of a lot going on for either of us. We were in and out of the registration area in less than an hour. Feeling a little disappointed (more so on my end) we headed for the exits. On the way out, Mario caught a sign telling us that Levi would …

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In the name of Lance

Labour Day weekend is one of my most favourite long weekends. The sun is almost always shining, Mario and I almost always go for a ride, and there’s almost always ice cream, sorbetto, and chocolate involved. This year’s Labour Day did not disappoint. We had ice cream and sorbetto galore, a long ride through the best parts of Vancouver, a warm, late-night, outdoorsy dinner with great friends, a leisurely walk along False Creek, and an impromptu shopping spree in Yaletown that involved new oxford heels (on sale!) and a new pretty girl felt hat, circa 1920s, with the style code: Princess. How serendipitous 😀 If you are to listen to one thing I say, listen to this: Go and get one of these ice cream bars, preferably the lemon-basil flavour. Oh. My. Goodness. Heaven … also known as Chocolate Arts. I also registered for the Levi Leipheimer Gran Fondo this …

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