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34 weeks: Ye olde crawdad

First they called me fat and now they’re telling me I might have an old crawdad for a placenta. Seriously, what gives? I thought placentas were scary before, but that’s just freak nasty! Okay, maybe she didn’t actually say crawdad, but the vacation relief endocrinologist at the diabetes in pregnancy clinic yesterday did warn me that the recent low blood sugars on my charts could be the result of an “old” placenta, to which her colleagues – the clueless nurse and evil dietitian – backed up. Are you freaking kidding me? Seriously, for people who work with insanely hormonal pregnant chicks on a regular basis, I’m thinking they probably should have come up with a better word than old! I went into this appointment prepared for the comments I thought for sure I’d get over a few of the highs recorded on my chart. I had explanations for nearly every single …

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Insulin, insulin and more insulin

Holy mother of I don’t know what, but I’m going through insulin like you wouldn’t believe. They kept telling me this would happen, that the hormones in my placenta would eventually slow down my body’s ability to efficiently absorb insulin,  and while I didn’t necessarily not believe them, I never thought I’d be registering total daily doses that are more than double what I was taking pre-pregnancy! Going through insulin like mad. It’s a bit of a pill to swallow. I’ve long prided myself on the small doses I take in, and when I get that shocked, holy crap, how do you manage that look from fellow Type 1s, or the wow, you must have super insulin sensitivity comments from medical peeps, I humbly smile, but inside am doing a freaking awesome party dance. I love my small doses. But now, my gawd, it’s an embarrassment having to spill the …

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