diabetes etiquette

Going public

A question that would have horrified me 15-20 years ago actually had me quite appreciative to answer today. It started with a trip to the Service Canada office this morning, where I had to go and change my last name on my Social Insurance Number. Seems I neglected to do so after Big Ring and I got married three years ago, but supposedly needed to do in order to apply for maternity leave EI. (I say supposedly because after waiting at the office f.o.r.e.v.e.r., and complaining about it on Facebook, I found out from several friends of mine that they too didn’t bother changing their names and had no problems obtaining maternity leave EI! What the?). On the 10-minute walk back to work, a young man, called out to me from behind: YM: “Excuse me ma’am (ouch!), I don’t mean to be a bother but what’s that thing in your …

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Etiquette 101

For nearly 24 years I have listened to the lectures, taken in the chastising, and accepted the berating comments from family, friends, and even complete strangers with regards to my diabetes. (Okay maybe that was a a lie; I’ve kind of rebelled against those comments my whole life) See, many people think they know my disease, like really know it, and are akin to giving advice on it, or judging me for supposedly not following the “proper” diabetes code, or outright lecturing me for eating a scoop (be it a large scoop) of Hagen Daz or a chunk of chocolate. Because, you know, obviously they know how to manage my diabetes so much better than me right. Note the sarcasm. Well folks, I am here today to shine some light on what I think of your advice. I was recently introduced to the Etiquette Lessons for Non-Diabetics, compiled by the …

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