Canadian Diabetes Association


Want to know a secret? Do you? Do you really want to know? Okay, I’ll tell you: I can keep a secret! SURPRISE!!! 😀 This was a questionable thing. My family has never been good at keeping secrets, we get so excited about things that we are just bursting at the seams to spill the beans. It comes from the top. My moms  is the worst (sorry moms!). She tries to keep her mouth shut, tries with all her might, but she just can’t do it. Case in point: Christmas gift exchange. Every year my family draws names, and a good portion of us try to guess who has who. Obviously I start with my moms. But this year, she swore up and down that she was not going to tell, oh no, “it was a secret,” she said. But without further prodding she continued, “all I’ll tell you is …

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What would you do?

Hmm… well now, this is an odd predicament I’ve found myself in. I got an email today from a fairly well known candy producer (one of which I happen to love to reach for when my blood sugars are low) suggesting I join their online community. Apparently they produce no-sugar added products and have partnered with the Canadian Diabetes Association to create this networking community of like-minded diabetics such as myself. If I join, they will publish the title of my blog posts, as well as the first few sentences of each post. And if their readers want to see the full article, they will then be pushed to my site. The obvious benefits are increased exposure, increased traffic to my blog, and a forum to connect with other diabetics. Seems win-win, especially given that I set out this year to double my blog traffic by the end of the …

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