Sleepless in Baby Town

You know you’ve turned into a zombie when… You forget to put deodorant on consecutive days in a row… You eat dinner with your breast (which was just used as an appetizer for the little one) hanging out the entire time… You spend a good portion of the morning packing a lunch, book, and breast pump for your first day sans Little Ring only to forget the bag on the city bus… You can’t figure out the simplest of Facebook tasks, like how to delete a status mistake, that otherwise you’d have no problem doing on much more rested days…. You spend a good hour trying to find out what the heck is beeping, thinking for sure it’s the barbecue needing more gas, only to realize later, it was you who was beeping the whole time… well, the 10 units left alarm on the insulin pump, that is…. And you …

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32 weeks: Non-stress my butt!

These are my Thursday tidbits: 1. If you haven’t already voted for Big Ring and I in the Bikestyle Tours bike room contest, please do. It’s for a good cause; Big Ring has a never-ending need for new cycling gear and a desire for new cycling shades. And seriously, how can you not vote for this totally awesome getup that Big Ring had designed. (For the back story on this photo, click the link: Le Tour de Loft) Just 3 days left for voting! To vote for Big Ring, click: VOTE FOR BIG RING! For Princess: VOTE FOR PRINCESS! 2. This week, because of Dear Diabetes, I had to start going in for non-stress tests to check on the baby’s heart rate and movement; something I’ll have to do twice a week until baby is born. And it turns out my little thumb-sucker is a tad on the stubborn side. …

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