blood testing

Giveaway: The Bloody Diabetic

So. You know my fingers. My heavily callused fingers. My heavily callused fingers that became that way from decades of pricking them with a sharp needle. My heavily callused fingers that I squeeze blood from at least eight times a day. Have you ever wondered what I do with the excess blood lingering on those fingers following a blood test? Or, have you just assumed I use Kleenex or an alcohol swap or something else of that ilk. That would, after all, be the logical, un-gross thing to do right. Yeah. That’s not me. I like efficiency when it comes to blood testing, and adding an extra, in my opinion, useless step cuts down on said efficiency. I understand having to wash my hands prior to a test (which I do about 80 per cent of the time) but cleaning up with an alcohol swab post test, why would I …

Giveaway: The Bloody Diabetic

Mad with the itch

Oh man, I came this close, THIS CLOSE, to chopping off my right middle finger. No joke, that finger almost did not survive the weekend. It didn’t matter how much I would miss that finger, and believe me I would (as would many others). Not only do I use it every day to type such important letters as K and I (both of which are in my name) but also rather frequently to extend my most loveable term of endearment to some of my favourite people ­čśë But that finger, oh man it was driving me mad with the itch! It was so freaking itchy, like 50 spider bites itchy, a bush of stinging nettles itchy, crawling scabies itchy, cheap laundry detergent itchy, chop my bloody finger off now itchy. I tried to relieve the itch by rubbing it on my jeans, scraping it along the ridges of a pill …

Mad with the itch