Goodbye journalism

(One of the only photos I could find of me working circa 2012)


Today, I did something I never imagined I would do when I first read that birthday horoscope 22 years, 2 months, and 1 day ago. A horoscope, that if I dug deep enough in my boxes of memories, I’d find still taped, albeit faded, on the front of the thick black journal I carried on my person everywhere I went as a teen. A horoscope that told me I shared the same birthday as Marky Mark Wahlberg (sigh!) and told me I was destined for journalism.


Today, I started the month-long goodbye to a career I forever dreamed of, a career I loved, a career I always thought would be a part of me.


Today, I handed in my resignation. Effective Aug. 28, 22 days from now, I will no longer be an actively employed journalist.


Today, I am a bag of emotions. I am excited for this new journey towards becoming a dietitian. I am nervous as hell about once again becoming a full-time student after a 13 or 14 year absence. And I am incredibly sad to be leaving a career I loved prematurely. Don’t get me wrong, it is time, but it is only time because of the abysmal state of the newspaper industry.


Today is the start of a new chapter in the Book of Katie.

super duper...

6 thoughts on “Goodbye journalism”

  1. Hey?
    I know how hard it is to tear yourself away from journalism.
    Not just a career but a state of being; something you devoted your heart and soul to.
    But I think you’ll find your new path liberating, opening up whole new vistas!!
    Keep your eyes on the prize!!
    And please keep writing 🙂

  2. Im so happy for your move albeit a bit jealous.
    I grew up dreaming of being an architect and designing houses. Now here I sit drawing cookie cutter home after cookie cutter home. I’m unhappy and unfulfilled. I dream of a change but I don’t know what my next career would be. I feel mad at myself because this is what I always dreamed of, or is it?

    I can’t wait to hear about your new adventures. I’m so proud of you for going after what your heart desires!

    1. Aww thanks Scully! It’s a huge step for sure and one that, while scary as heck, my family and i felt was for the best…and who knows, maybe now that i wont be commuting 2+ hours a day, i’ll actually be able to blog more. Maybe 😉

  3. Well, I’m sorry to see you being effectively driven-out of the career you love, but I applaud you for seeing the state of the business and not waiting until it’s too late. I also congratulate you for knowing what you want (twice!) and achieving one and working towards the other. It’s a real gift to work doing something you love….. many of us never get to such a place. Good luck in your next chapter!

    1. Thanks Scott! It’s scary as heck, especially when you factor in a mortgage and family (not the same as when i was in my early 20s! But I’m excited 🙂

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