12 months: Moments…


As I sit here in the rocking chair with you sleeping in my arms, my heart is near bursting. (Note: the heart bursting thing, it’s a daily occurrence when it comes to you) You’ve been sleeping for awhile now; I just can’t bring myself to lay you in your crib for the night. Good thing. Moments ago, your eyes popped open and you gave your mama the sweetest smile and the most heart-melting giggle. Then, you promptly fell back asleep.

Dear boy, I love these moments!

Dear boy, I love you!

You, who by the way, after months and months (seriously, months!) of teasing us with a Jack-in-the-Gums style tooth finally cracked a proper tooth just last week. Gone is my toothless wonder!

You, who by the way, loves to live on the edge, giving your mama heart palpitations every step of the way, whether it be mastering the art of solo standing in the most dangerous locales, the bath, the stairs, mamsy and papsy’s bed, or riding the swings like a roller coaster with your arms all up in the air, head and torso joyously swinging backwards!

You, who by the way, loves accolades and praise, and who is not shy of giving it to yourself, clapping with great gusto every time you feel it warranted: standing solo; spoon feeding yourself; pulling all your clothes out of the drawer; flinging clean – and usually freshly folded –laundry all over the floor; destroying a tower of Italian wooden blocks…

Clap. Clap. Clap.

You, who by the way, blows your mama’s mind with the expansiveness of your intelligence. Your love of the ‘H’ words: Hi. Hey. Hat. Head. Your remarkable talent for mimicry, whether it be the satisfying breath you take after a swig of water, or the AAAAAAAA sounds you make after your mama and papsy sneeze, or the woof, woof, woof you vocalize in the presence of dogs.

You, who by the way, are maddeningly stubborn (must have got that from your Papsy ;)) and want nothing but freedom and independence with such tasks as feeding yourself, stacking your blocks, opening the lid to the trunk of your car, which never stays open.

You, who by the way, are growing up way too fast.

Tonight you are 0. Tomorrow you are 1.

How did that happen?

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” ~ Robert Munsch

5 thoughts on “12 months: Moments…”

  1. 12 months?! 12 months?!

    How the heck did that happen? It seems like just yesterday you were fighting with dumb doctors!

    Happy Birthday Little Ring!

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