Ode to revenge

Hehe, I have revenge brewing in my veins 😀

After last night’s pilates session, which I dubbed one hour of ab-sweating hell, I decided it was high time I got even with my pilates chicks. I’ve been on this new program for two weeks now, and while I am getting faster at remembering what the heck I’m supposed to do, it’s not getting easier, and the She-Ra abs have not yet surfaced … believe me, I keep checking … like every day … okay fine, like every 10 minutes. (What do you mean I’m not patient, I’m like the definition of patience!) And so, yeah, it’s time I enact a little of my own payback. No, no, there won’t be any stinky shoes involved this time around (although, I am in serious need of a stinky shoe remedy, any suggestions?) nope, this revenge is of the outwitting sort dare I say.

So, they’ve given me two full pages of new moves right. Most of which include an AWFUL lot of ab-killing moves: v-curl, toe-curl, heel curl, twist your body into an octopus curl, wide heel with magic circle curl (which by the way, totally NOT magic!!!), etc., etc., etc., etc. So, here’s my plan. The next two weeks, while they’re on holidays and I have no studio pilates, I’ll be doing as much of those ab hellish moves on my own, practicing them, mastering them, perfecting them. And then, when they get back from holidays ready to cackle at me for falling apart half way through the first 100, but I show them and get through that 100 AND  the second one on the rack AND everything else like a breeze, I’ll be the one cackling! Mwhahahaaahaha!

Hmmm… something tells me, they’ll still be getting the last laugh.

Happy Canada Day folks, I hope you’re having a great start to the long weekend.

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