Becoming wine princess

Yesterday was the last of my birthday celebrations … or was it?

A few weeks before my birthday my moms asked what I wanted this year, and I couldn’t think of a thing. In fact, I’ve struggled for the last few years coming up with something, as I can pretty much just buy whatever I want myself … well, within reason, and I don’t think my parents would be so keen on buying me a cute little house on the cute little street in cute little South Vancouver … or maybe they would 😉 And so this year, instead of asking for a present, I asked for their time: One day, just me and my moms and pops, and Vancouver foody shops.

We hit up the Gourmet Warehouse, and Williams and Sonoma, (and a little Anthropologie sneaked in there) and lunch at Granville Island too of course. I walked away with some fun washing dishes gloves, which Mario hopes will encourage me to actually wash dishes (we’ll see!) and a juicer so my hands don’t go all arthritic while making key lime tart,  a mat for drying my wine glasses on, and precious memories.

For some reason, this dish towel totally spoke to me … in my house, it would be the cleanest towel EVER!

Onion goggles = AWESOME!

Forget gingerbread men, we’re so doing ninjabread men next year!

Moms getting dinner at the market, halibut, potatoes, asparagus, grapes and cherries.

Okay seriously, so perfect!

But here’s the thing, one person from the equation was missing. The person who loves to spend hours and hours in these foody and restaurant equipment shops, and who is likely why I myself can lose time in those shops too. My pops got called into work, and couldn’t get out of it, and so it was just a birthday date with my moms and me. But my pops has promised me a rain cheque for a dim sum (yum!) lunch date. And you can bet, I will be cashing in on that belated birthday date thank you very much 😀

How was your weekend?

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  1. I love the Gourmet Warehouse. I have also been meaning to go visit the Anthropologie. Looks like you had a great weekend.

    I spent my Sunday Morning doing the Scotiabank half marathon was very disappointing. A blood sugar of 2.1mmol/L at around the 17K mark had me walk the rest of the way. Doing it was a bad idea to begin with since I did not train. Oh well will train next year.

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