Raccoons on Robson

Ahh perfection, you really aren’t so perfect after all. I walked into my specialist’s office this morning and he was beaming, literally beaming, with the results of my 6.7 HGa1C three-month BG average. “These are great numbers,” he said, “can’t get much better than these numbers,” he said. And then, just like that, he flipped the switch. Being the super smart endocrinologist that he is, he knew that my blood sugars haven’t consistently been in the 6.0 range, nah, I’m not that perfect. “How many lows have you been experiencing?” he asked. Dammit!

Yes, I am a low blood sugar kind of girl. With the amount of exercise I do, and the not-quite perfect calculations I make, my blood sugars like to hang around the bottom of the pool. My guess, and I don’t know this for sure, but given the line of questioning from my doc, is that average diabetics experience a few lows a week, I experience a few lows a day sometimes. But not drastic lows, I haven’t needed help for a low in eight or nine years, and that’s a good thing. He didn’t seem overly concerned, he would like to know what’s going on with my BG overnight, but given that Animas doesn’t yet have a sensor to monitor continuous blood glucose, he can’t find out. Yet. Apparently Animas is getting a sensor in the very near future according to my doc.

Despite having a great visit, I vowed upon leaving my hot doc for yet another year to not have a low today. (Baby steps!) And you know how I made that possible? I went out and bought me some Belgian chocolate, chocolate chunk cookies! Yum 😀

I ended up spending the day in Vancouver as my appointment was at 10 a.m. and rather than have to take the Skytrain back home and then drive the hour to work, I figured I’d just hunker down at a Starbucks and get some writing done. It’s nice to get away from the phone all the time sometimes don’t you think?

At around 4 p.m. when I had packed up to go home and was walking up Robson Street, a pretty heavy vehicle- and foot-traffic street, the weirdest thing happened. I saw something stalking towards me from the middle of the street. I stared at it and at first I couldn’t figure it out and then it registered – it was a freaking raccoon! Are you kidding me, we’re in the city? These things seriously scare the pants off me. The landlord at a basement suite I used to rent told me the previous tenant was attacked by one! And when I was a summer camp counselor in Maine, one of the cabins I was stationed in was like the furthest out from everything, and it had a massive garbage bin just outside of it, and on the nights when I uhm got a little inebriated stayed late reading at the library and had to sneak back to the cabin, there was like a family of raccoons hanging out at the bin, and I’d have to run to the cabin and not dare look in their direction. They ain’t cute – they’re freaking vicious!

You weren’t getting me any closer to that sucker!

I had intended on running 10 km tonight, but given that I was up until almost 2 trying to download my blood sugars (stupid, finicky ezManagerMax software that didn’t end up working forcing me to go all old school writing them out) and back up again at 6:30, I was just far too exhausted for any kind of run, trainer, even blogging felt somewhat daunting. The run has been postponed to tomorrow, and tonight I rest, and maybe eat a few more of those scrumdiliumptious cookies … all in the name of keeping my blood sugars up of course 😉

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  1. Always thought if you saw a noctural animal during the day like a racoon that means something is very wrong with it and should it should be avoided at all costs- but I’m from the states and have wrestled far fewer grizzlies/beavers/elk than you

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