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Princess-3. Kitchen-0. I’m not scared of the kitchen, oh no. Tonight’s dinner brings my cooking tally up to a whopping three for the year, that’s like 50 per cent more than last year! And, there wasn’t even one curse word, not one, there may have been an ouch! when the knife grazed my thumb, but that’s no big deal, nope not all…

Mario and I headed over to Granville Island this afternoon to pick up a few items for dinner. For those of you who don’t live in the Vancouver area, Granville Island is like the West Coast version of the Rue Mouffetard. Located along the Seawall, it consists of a farmer’s market, shops, theatres, artist studios, music and more. And it is amazing. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been there (and I have been a lot) I find something new, I get taken in by the colours, and mesmerized by the fresh pastas and meats and fishes, and oh man, I’m having to wipe the drool from my chin at the first sight of tartelettes and baguettes.

There’s just something about farmers’ markets, you know, the freshness, the sights, the sounds, the people. How can you not fall in love with them … and not walk away with bags of goodies!

Our Saturday night dinners usually consist of chicken and pasta with olive oil and parmesan, baguette, greek salad, and a glass of red wine – perfect pre-run fuel – but tonight, we changed it up a bit. We got the pasta (ricotta and sundried tomato ravioli and ricotta and spinach ravioli), we had the wine, purchased a baguette, but instead of the salad, Little Miss Chefette over here, she cooked up an earthy mushroom soup!

I was introduced to the recipe by my dear friend Katie, who also happens to be a blogger at and it looked far too yummy to pass up … and easy! The recipe is by the former author of “The Minimalist,” Mark Bittman,  and seriously all I had to do was chop up some onions and mushrooms, mince garlic, saute, boil, simmer and that was it. And the verdict: Needed a bit more salt, but other than that, yum! Simple is best 😀

Do you go to farmers’ markets?

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  1. Robert Freeman

    Simple is best?
    Tearing open a bag o’ taco chips won’t do, I take it 🙂
    But one of these days … I’m gonna cook real food, maybe even find a farmers’ market, and it’s going to be YOUR doing with these blogs you post about the scrumptious-sounding meals you prepare.
    I might even come close, on of these days, to the Canadian daily nutritional food guide, or whatever the hell it is.
    Bon appetit, ya’ll

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