Photographic memory, yes please

I wish I had a photographic memory. I wish I could look at a piece of paper, like say my list of Pilates exercises and remember which one comes next. I wish I could watch a demonstration, like say my Pilates exercises, and remember exactly how I’m supposed to do those exercises from class to class without helpful prompting. But noooooo, my simple brain requires poking and prodding and pushing and nudging to make it work and even then it’s a struggle to remember simple things, like say the bird on a wire Pilates exercise.  Lisbeth Salander, I so envy you.

If only my eyes would click and I would forever remember this proper prehensile (otherwise known as bird on a wire) position.

Okay, soooo I probably wouldn’t enjoy being a social outcast that much, or have people wanting to kill me everywhere I turned, or have to go into hiding from the good guys and the bad guys, or be put in a pyscho ward, or have someone control my money (The Horror! The Horror!). But somedays, I got to say, it would kind of feel pretty awesome to boot someone in the butt and not even care … although, I’d probably more prefer the knees 😉

I was a little late to the Stieg Larsson series – The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest – and I’m kind of glad about that, because these books aren’t exactly books for the most patient reader, let me just say. As I’ve said before, I’m not a fast reader, not by any means, but in just two and a half weeks, I’d read the first two books. I couldn’t put them down.

It was somewhat odd reading the first book as I’d seen the movie already, which is totally backwards for me. I’m more of a read the book first, then watch the movie kind of person. But when these books came out, they weren’t on my radar. So while reading the first book, I kept thinking ahead, trying to remember what happened next. And at first it threw me off, but as the pages flipped I got used to it, and I was actually okay knowing what was coming next. But then the second book, which I picked up as soon as I put down the first, was so freaking frustrating for me, and I think it’s because I didn’t know what was going to happen next, and I so desperately wanted to know. And because of that, I wouldn’t go out, I didn’t want to watch TV, I didn’t want to watch movies, I just wanted to read. And so, on the evenings when Mario put a movie in, I’d lock myself in the bathroom and read (we live in a loft … that’s the only place I can shut the door for quiet). All signs of a good book. But I got to say, the end of The Girl Who Played With Fire really pissed me off – because it didn’t end! And I don’t yet have the third book (which is at my grandma’s) in my hands. Like I said, these books are NOT for the impatient!

Have you read this series? What did you think?

It’s Mario’s birthday tomorrow and I’ve been planning a surprise for two weeks now, and I’m just about ready to burst with the excitement! I’ll fill you all in on the details later this weekend! In the meantime, I’ve got a chocolate brownie cheesecake birthday cake to tend to 😀

4 thoughts on “Photographic memory, yes please”

  1. I could not put them down either. I thought they were great. It was interesting to hear my brother in law say how good they were to my husband so event the boys like them :o)

  2. I had trouble getting into the first book but once I did I was hooked! I didn’t start reading it until I was able to borrow all three at once, so I was able to just read my way through the series without having to wait (thankgoodness, because I’m not a patient reader).

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