The Grinch goes postal

The mailbox was a mix of joy and sorrow today … okay maybe not sorrow, but definitely all out befuddled frustration. Inside, there were two Christmas cards, and I do so love getting Christmas cards, but then there was also a forboding brown envelope from the Motor Vehicle Office. Now, for all you drivers out there, you’ll understand when I say that a letter from the Motor Vehicle Office is 99 per cent of the time not a good thing. I didn’t recall running a red light, or going over a toll bridge, or forgetting to pay my insurance. So what could it be?

A driver’s medical examination, that’s what! Merry freaking Christmas to me!

In the grand scheme of things, this exam isn’t a big deal, I know I’ll pass it with flying colours. My blood sugar averages have been near perfect/perfect for a good five years, and my eyesight keeps getting better with age. But it is an inconvenience.

The last time I had one of these suckers done was 15 years ago when I first got my license, and it was probably warranted back then given that I wasn’t the most upstanding diabetic in my teenage years. But now? I don’t get it. I mean, I know they don’t have access to my health records, but at the very least they do have access to my driving record that has no diabetic-related accidents ever and no accident period for more than five years. What the heck is this, a lottery system? Yay, she says sarcastically.

My prize: I get to pay $75 for my family doctor who pretty much knows nothing about my control to sign a sheet and push me out of his office a minute after me getting there. And I get to wake up at like 5 a.m. to get to my doctor’s appointment, because he lives 45 minutes to an hour away from where I live, and I’ll only be able to book an appointment before 8 a.m. Oh how I do so love winning the lottery.

In much happier news: The presents are wrapped, the excitement has filled the belly to near bursting, and I can already faintly hear the “Click-Click-Click” of reindeers on  rooftops in the far off distance. Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. What are your Christmas Eve/Christmas traditions? I’ll be telling you all about mine post Christmas 😀

3 thoughts on “The Grinch goes postal”

  1. Dear POP, I hate to be cynical, but on this festive Christmas Eve, if I hear any noises on my rooftop, I’m going to be thinking ROBBERS rather than reindeer – or raindeer as they’re called in B.C. 🙂 Say, have ya ever noticed that one reindeer is called … well, a reindeer … but two or more of them are still called reindeer!!? What a wonderful language 🙂 Designed to confuse and befuddle. And speaking of befuddlement … the clowns in the motor vehicle branch. I SWEAR they are hired according to lack of class. I mean, what better time to send someone who contends with a medical condition every day of the year, a demand for medical information upon which your licence and livelihood depend, just days before Christmas. Compliments of the season, indeed. They couldn’t wait a week or two? Somebody should give the manager of this department a shake – by the throat. Merry Christmas, my friend 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas, Katie and Mario! Sorry about the DMV letter… but at least you won’t need another exam for 15 years! Just got your sweet (and adorable) card… and I agree, we need to get the Upwelling to Vancouver so we can get some quality time with you guys.

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