She’s crafty!

I made a hearth! AND a festive Christmas arrangement!

But hold up, let’s back up a second here, rewind. I am the most un-visually creative person on the face of this planet. While my fingers can glide me to creative brilliance in the writing realm, they do absolutely nothing for me in the crafty realm – my sister and big brothers got those skills. So un-crafty and so un-artsy I am, I nearly failed Grade 11 art, a class that for most people was a breeze, but for me, it was like being stuck in a whole other, most un-welcoming planet.

That being said, though, I decided (on a whim) that this Christmas would be my crafty Christmas. You may recall how last week I went to a ladies night fundraiser with my girlfriend Shona and walked away with two kinds of sparkly Christmas flower type things. See Shona, she’s a Christmas crafty kinda girl and she totally inspired me. She told me all I needed was to go into the bushes, chop down a few evergreens, pick some holly berries and I’d be good to go. Couldn’t be that hard could it? Oh yes it could.

The sparkly Christmas flower type things laid on the dining room chair for a nearly a week before Mario grew tired of seeing them there and bought a vase for them, which forced me into action. And even though I grew up on a farm, and my parents still live on that farm, and evergreens would have been easily attainable, I’m a girly girl, I so went out and bought them. I brought them home, stuffed them in the vase, arranged the flower type things, backed up for ample viewing, andddddd it looked like crud. I tried putting more evergreens in the vase, worse, I tried rearranging them, worse, I tried taking some out, horrible, it looked like crap. So, I did what any girl would do in such a dilemma, I took the evergreens out of the vase, spewed them on the living room floor, plodded on up the stairs, and took a nap 😀

Mario came home, threw out a few suggestions, got his hands on the evergreens, and within mere seconds the arrangement was beautiful. I swear he had a wand from Ollivander’s up his sleeve! Damn those visually creative photographer skills of his! But I am so taking credit for the pine cones – they were all mine!

Blood sugar update: I’ve been struggling bad with my blood sugars for some time now and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. They go up for seemingly no reason whatsoever, and then when they go low, they rebound right back up again. It’s like I can’t fricken win. I’ve tried following the bolus wizard (which calculates BG and insulin on board and carbs to figure out the insulin dosage) but to no avail. And for someone like me who spent quite some time on the BG perfection list, this is killing me. It’s like being a super smart kid, getting straight As for years, and then, even though you’re studying just as hard as you’ve always studied, for some reason you’re suddenly getting average Cs on every homework assignment and exam, sometimes even a D. So, I called the VGH diabetes centre and requested an appointment with the pump nurse. Here’s hoping her tutoring can help …

2 thoughts on “She’s crafty!”

  1. Hey Katie,
    I guess you racked your brain for any possible recent changes in activity/routine?
    Maybe is there a way to check to make sure the pump is administering properly?
    Is it possible it’s maybe a not-quite perfect batch of insulin?
    Hope your blood sugars stabilize. Not still injecting the plants, are you!? 😉

  2. Speaking of uncraftsy (I know it’s all about you, but bear with me) I made a “Christmas log” when I was in Grade 8 (to whit, a long time ago) – you know, one of those logs you see on Christmas cards with three candles at different heights and evergreen boughs and crud like that on it? But I was so SLOW getting the shape of the damn log just right, that by the time I was ready for the decorating part, nearly all the “crafty” materials had been taken by the other more dextrously adept students. I have to admit I was near tears. But my teacher stepped up to the plate, and with a few deft moves with leftover stuff from the craft table, fashioned me a Christmas log that I have to this day – and which I set up every year, light up the goddam candles, and get all misty thinking about peace on Earth and goodwill towards all 🙂
    Now, back to you 🙂 Do you think your unruly blood sugars might be a result of not being in a regular marathon training mode? Just a thought.

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