Singing the blues

This princess has got a touch of the rain city blues 🙁

It didn’t take long for them to hit, just a couple of days back on the coast, a couple of days going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark, a couple of days filled with gloomy grey, monsoon-like weather, I kid you not, it was pelting down so hard yesterday if I’d gone out for more than a minute I am sure I would have not only come in soaked to the bone, but also with bruises.

See, British Columbia, and the coast in particular, is widely known for its beauty, the mountains and ocean and rivers and green everywhere, and especially at this time of year with its rich coloured fall leaves sparkling in the trees and lining the streets, but that beauty, it comes at a cost. As much as we’re known for those mountains and those rivers, we’re also known for the rain. And while we were given a break from it today, and the weather dude promises another reprieve tomorrow, the forecast for the next 9 months: Rain.

Even the sanest of person would get a little off balance with rain, rain, rain!

I tried baking to cheer myself up, but because I’m trying to get my blood sugar averages down about 2 mg, I felt guilty eating my yummy cookies (While training for the marathon and traveling, my blood sugars got a little bit out of sorts.) I also stared glumly at my pounds of Belgian chocolate, dreaming of them melting in my mouth, knowing they’d provide an instant high, but again, because I’m working on perfecting my blood sugars, I didn’t indulge. I tried losing myself in hours of mindless TV (our PVR was 98 per cent full when we got back!) but that just ended up being a not-so-sticky Band-aid. And the surefire method that usually never fails in pulling me out of these funks I haven’t been doing.

I didn’t miss my running once while on vacation, but since coming home, I’ve missed it every day. I’ve missed the scenery that passes me by, the endorphins that fill my insides, the freedom that opens up in my brain, and my girls, oh how I have missed my girls. And it is taking every ounce of will power I have not to tie up my shoes and head out the door.

I have an appointment with my massage therapist tomorrow, and as much as I’m hoping for everything to be where it should be, there’s a reason I made the appointment, and I suspect I’ll be getting a crooked diagnosis (I have a history of my legs getting jammed up, and I’m thinking one has been jammed since the marathon.) But here’s hoping for not.

What do you do to get out of funks?

In other news, though, this little princess tried her hand at cooking, not baking, cooking! While I’m a great baker (so not humble at all) I’m not exactly of the cooking ilk. Before Mario and I lived together, I pretty much ate eggs for dinner every day for four years, and I didn’t get creative with those eggs, it was straight eggs and cheese omelet, two pieces of toast and that was it. And I’m sure I could have cooked, but I always found it rather boring, something you had to do, it wasn’t like baking, something you did more as a treat, not an obligation. But while staying in Ghent, I was so inspired by the super tasty pumpkin quiche my cousin Griet made for us, I promised Mario that I would make him one upon our return. He was a little skeptical, and rightfully so, I’ve only cooked for him three times in our entire relationship! But Sunday night, that quiche was a baking. And …

Spinach and buttercup squash and gruyere cheese quiche

SUCCESS!!! But really, should there have been any doubt? I mean, no I’m not a cook, but I am a baker, and quiche is pretty much all about the baking. And, as mentioned earlier, I was good with the eggs, which again is a huge part of the quiche process. So there you go, I’m still not a cook and it’s fine by me 😀

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  1. It’s supa rainy here, too, and all I want to do is stay inside, curled up in my bed! But I know I’ll feel better if I get outside and do something… or at least change out of my PJs.

    Um, your quiche looks delicious. I LOVE quiche and savory tarts, and this looks absolutely fabulous.

    Cheer up, my lady!

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