Portland baby!

Oh man, if my legs could race as fast as my mind has been racing today, I’ll be golden on Sunday! Pretty much, from the second I woke up, my brain was on. And on the car ride in I kept thinking: Did I remember my shoes? Oh no, did I forget my ipod armband? Oh crap, is that another ache? Dear Marathon Gods, please be kind to me, please, I beggeth you.

I made a list and checked it twice, I wasn't naughty, I was so totally nice, Portland Marathon, you better watch out, you better not cry, 'cause this princess is coming to town!

I’m not sure six hours in a car is the smartest thing to do before a 42.2 km race, but I tried to take all precautions to ensure my body would hopefully be in tip top shape race day: I drank non-stop water, which caused me to have to use the washroom an awful lot, which resulted in me having to get out of the car and stretch out, which did my body a world of good … I hope. I wore my “cult” toe shoes, otherwise known as the miracle make the pain go away shoes. For me, they weren’t good for running (totally seized up my calves, made them feel like they’d been whipped by a wet towel (held by a nasty brother) for like 24 hours straight!) but when I just walk around in them, I swear they help take the hip and knee pain away; could just be a placebo effect, but whatever works right 😀 And I rested lots, falling in and out of sleep, for the better part of the ride (which I’m sure Mario loved given that when I sleep I don’t ask Are we there yet?) and I kept my leg elevated on the dash too.

We arrived in Portland shortly after 5 p.m., and discovered there was some kind of screw-up at the hotel and they didn’t have us checking in until tomorrow. Uh what? Luckily Mario had all our paperwork to show that they screwed up, so they comped us tonight for free. Woohoo! Hopefully that’s the first sign of a perfect weekend.

This is a picture from last year when we stayed at the same hotel (The Inn at Northrup Station) for our honeymoon = ENDLESS SUPPLY OF SALT WATER TAFFY!!!

So I think the nerves and the holy crap I’ve never been so scared in my life feelings have subsided, I mean I still have fears of the unknown, but I’m in Portland now baby, this amazing city takes over any fears whatsoever!

See you on the other side 😀

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  1. Have an amazing time. Take it all in. You only get one shot at your first one. Enjoy the day!!! I will be tracking you and cheering you the whole way.

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