She ain’t gonna take it anymore!

Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to drop everything and scream, not whimper, not cry, but full-on scream? I’m talking standing in the middle of the room, knees bent, belly curved inwards, shoulders hunched, fists clenched by your side, top of your lungs, glass shattering, majorly animated Twisted Sister screaming?

Sometimes I wonder what people would do if an adult, such as myself, did just that. I mean, when kids do it, people stare, they judge, some glare (oh come on, we know you do) but with an adult, what do you think? Do you think they’d avert their eyes downwards, making sure not to make eye contact, and scurry away as fast as they could? Do you think they’d try to get you to stop like a parent trying to calm her three-year-old temper tantrumming little hellion? Or do you think they’d call that oh-too-familiar number, you know the one I’m talking about, the one that has the rubber room on the other side?

I almost found out today. I’m not gonna lie, the thought of doing just that crossed my mind, in fact it kind of did yesterday too. (The happy bliss gods have not really been on my side these last couple of days.) Yesterday I was stuck on the road, in the midst of a nasty traffic jam that took me two hours to get home from – TWO HOURS! – one hour just to get out of Chilliwack alone. Lucky for me, though, my head hadn’t gone completely crazy as I roasted in the car and waited to move half an inch every 10 minutes, because I’m thinking if I’d gotten out to let out the scream of my life, it may have ended in deathly results.

Thank god for Wednesday hill runs; the perfect cure for getting out those screaming demons.

Because I missed last week’s hills due to a pain in my butt (no, not Mario … haha :D) I had the fear of god in me that I’d reawaken that pain, which by the way magically disappeared somewhere along the 29 km route on Sunday. So I didn’t want to overdue it. But the problem is, I love hills, I love kicking ass on hills, I love having perfect form on hills, I love being competitive on hills, I love going up – and fast.

I kept it fairly easy on the first hill, went a bit faster on the second hill, majorly sucked on the third hill (there was no way I could catch up to Chelsey who made it look so effortless, while here I was practically hurling) but regained form on the fourth hill and felt like I had totally rocked it (in my head, there was some major Dee Snyder screaming going on as I furiously pumped my arms and cycled my legs and soared up that hill). I was supposed to do about six hills, but when I started to climb the fifth hill, I couldn’t find that jolt I had in the fourth, and was sucking air pretty bad. I was pretty much done.

However, after we completed that hill, Chelsey and Lori were heading over to the “BIG” hill, which I haven’t yet been introduced to, and I almost took back my “being done” proclamation and headed back out with them, but at the last second the brilliant email advice of a friend of mine’s mom rang so loud in my head at that very moment: “It is wonderful that you have made it this far – injury free!!!! Whooohee! Just be so very careful on your hill training … that’s what wrecks those knees.”

Pretty darn sound advice – I was out. And as much as it pained me not to keep up with the others, deep down I knew it would be for the best in the long run. I just got to remember that goal: Making it to the finish line.

Lori, Chelsey and I took a bit of a shortcut on our way back to the parking lot, not because we were so pooped that we couldn’t go the long way around the lake, oh no, it was something far more pertinent than that – we had to check out a hot guy that Chelsey spotted walking in that direction 😀


  • 6:15 p.m. BG before: 12.7
  • Basal 100 per cent
  • Warmup: 1.92 km
  • 5 Hills: (1) 3:56 (2) 3:40 (3) 3:38 (4) 3:29 (5) 3:38
  • Best pace: 3:36
  • Cool down: 0.50 km
  • 7:30 p.m. BG after: 6.4

I also did drills at lunch time: lunges, butt kicks (so fun!) and high knee run thingy

Thank you hills for taking my screaming away!

3 thoughts on “She ain’t gonna take it anymore!”

  1. Hahahaha! I didn’t make it look effortless! I was thinking about how great my butt was going to look after all this hill training. And that guy was such a disappointment, who sits on a bench facing the lake?! Brutal.

  2. I believe I may of called it, perhaps a little too loudly :-), before we even got there – what kind of guy sits on a bench facing the lake.

  3. What kind of guy sits on a bench facing the lake – with absolutely nooo vantage point whatsoever for the rest of us girls to see? Heck I even took a blimey detour just to get a small glimpse and nothing!

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