Le Tour de Lust

Brace yourself folks, I’ve got some disturbing news, really disturbing.

Ever since the Giro d’Italia two years ago I’ve been drooling over the molasses-coloured skin, the finely sculpted smooth calves, and the thick Spanish accent of Alberto Contador. He’s a Spaniard, he’s the King of the Mountains, he’s hot! How on earth could I not love this cyclist? Even last year in the Tour, when he was up against Lance, who is also a major hottie, I was rooting all the way for Contador. And I even told Mario that if my Contador ever came a knocking, as much as I love my dear husband, he would be a walking. But now, in the final days of Le Tour, I think my lust love may actually be wavering – for Mr. Eye Candy himself, Andy Schleck!

Yum! (alpedhuez 078 andy schleck2″ by babbo1957 is licensed under CC BY 2.0 )

The young cyclist from Luxemburg has been racing hard this year, not letting up for Lance, not letting up for Cadel Evans (who kind of looks a bit like a monkey if you ask me), not even letting up for his brother Frank. And definitely not letting up for Contador. Despite taking a tumble in the second stage, he managed to race his way to repeated  yellow jersey wins. And in the 15th Stage, when he had not one of his Saxo Bank (also known as Sexy Bank) teammates around him (unlike Contador and his Astana crew) Schleck was still holding the yellow strong, and giving ol Contador a run for his pedals up the mountains (one of the commentators even said he had Contador quaking in his booties – and he’s the king of the mountains!!!).

But just as Schleck was mounting an impressive breakaway just 4 km from the peak of the Port de Bales in the Pyrenees, a mechanical error (or cyclist error; apparently it’s up for debate) caused his chain to pop off and resulted in Contador and others taking advantage. And even then he didn’t panic. He got the chain back on, which seemed to take forever, and then rode hard up the mountains, past Levi Leipheimer, past Lance Armstrong, past Ryder Hesjedal – making all those other cyclists look as though they were just mere statues! A drool-worthy performanc indeed.

But even though Schleck is a youngin (the best young rider of the Tour) he isn’t new on the scene, in fact, he beat out Lance just last year for a second place finish at the Tour, just seconds behind my Contador – it was quite the sexy podium if I do say so myself. So I’m not exactly sure the reason for my wavering lust this year, Mario says it’s probably due to his “dorkiness” factor. Apparently I fall for the dorks … not really sure what that says about Mario though 😉

Seriously though, he is so hot – with his cycling garb and without! Not too many cyclists have both levels of hotness going for them. Not even Contador. But just look at that face, look at those legs, look at the hair. Le sigh.

Not even Specialized could separate their hotness!

Who’s your favourite professional cyclist? Why?



  • 6:45 p.m. BG before: 11.1
  • Temp basal -20 per cent
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Average pace: 6:39 (recovery)
  • Time: 53:11
  • 8:30 p.m. BG after 7.1

Tonight’s run was way better than last night’s, thank goodness. There was just two of us tonight, and the 8k seemed to just fly by. I had way more jump in my stride, I kept having to be reeled in, and I was chatting away no problem with a great gal who kept chatting me back.

It’s runs like these that keep me coming back for more.

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  1. Hey Katie
    Ik zat net te denken Iwrite iets om Mario en u voor uw felicitaties Canadese Ryder Hesjedal geven, maar als je gevoel goed om iets over nr 5 Jurgen Vandenbroeck it.voila vergeet te schrijven 😉

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