Bike lust a bike must

I have bike envy – major bike envy!

Ever since we went to New York last month, and I saw the pretty powder blue Felt ZW6 in the Brooklyn bike shop, my Zing has been getting the cold shoulder; you’ve been great over the years, dear bike, but I have a new love now, and she’s just so darn pretty! Her sweet blue hues and carbon fibre goodness are filling my dreams, and pretty much my every waking moment too. How could she not, just look at her!

Sheer beauty!


And ever since finding my new love (don’t worry Mario, you’re still top of the list for human love!) it seems like everyone is getting fancy schmancy new bikes. My girlfriend Chelsey just got herself a new Bianchi (another love of mine!) and Mario literally just got off the phone with a friend of ours who bought himself a 100 per cent carbon fibre framed Cannondale. So jealous!

But there is one small problem with my love: I can’t find her anywhere in B.C. Out here, we’re pretty much relegated to Cannondales, Specialized, Trek, and Cervelo bikes – and everyone has those bikes! And if I were to order online, or get a shop to bring her in, I would at least want to try her out before handing over the ol’ credit card. Lucky for me, though, Mario has bike envy too, and is heavily considering heading over to the States to check out some bikes there – road trip 😀

Can't catch a Contador on my Zing ... and yes, we do have a bike room!

Yesterday was clinic night, and we covered shoes in the talk, but given that I’ve been through a bijillion of the shoe talks, and that I just bought me a new pair of shoes, I kinda zoned out. Now, if they were talking about what sort of strength training I should be focusing on to better my running, I’d be all over that … hint-hint 😉

The run was good, a lot better than the night before, when at times I felt like I was sucking wind a bit. Probably helped that it was a recovery run … although we were still going about 20 seconds faster than we should have been at an average pace of 6:48. But, I’m sure once we get ourselves up to say 29k + 6k +  8 hills + 10k + 6k all in one week, we’ll have no problem keeping our pace down!


  • 6:45 p.m. BG before: 10.0 (temporary basal -20 per cent)
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Time: 56:03
  • Average pace: 6:48
  • 8 p.m. BG after: 7.1

What was/is your latest must have purchase?

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