Headbands and ponytails

Welcome to the first day of a summer, the longest day of the year, a glorious day that should be filled with sunshine and butterflies, and ice cream and popsicles, but for us West Coasters it’s more like sweaters and grey gloom. Boo 🙁

When I woke up this morning, and looked out the window to the familiar grey skies, I decided to rebel against them. I was tired of the grey clouds, tired of the rain, tired of Juneuary! So, rather than dress myself in long johns and sweatshirts, I put my jeans on, rolled them up into beach-like boyfriend-style jeans, put a t-shirt on and was good to go … I may have froze in the office all day (seriously, why is the air conditioner on when it’s freezing outside???) but it was so worth it. And on my way to work, I decided to take my Zoë through the car wash – that’s a sunny day kind of thing to do! And she was so appreciative as she was kinda getting a little hippie dirty if you know what I mean.

Zoë loves her bath!

On my way home from work, I stopped off to get a new hair colour for the new season. I’ve been a vibrant chocolate-coloured brunette all through the fall and winter and spring, it was high time I became a blonde again. Now, I’ve got to be honest here – WARNING: the following sentence may sound a little egotistical, but when you look good, you look good – I look amazing as a New York brunette, and I also look pretty darn hot as a California blonde. But that being said, my hair does NOT like the in-between phase, the transition from brown to blonde, oh no, it just looks blah nasty! And every time I start the process of going back to blonde, I always tell myself “Never again!” But then, the seasons change, or I get bored, or l see a picture of Katie Holmes or Jennifer Garner and think to myself, oh I’d look pretty darn great with that hair colour, and so the “never again” is forgotten and the process starts all over again. Sometimes I wish I would never have started dying my hair back when I was 13; life would be so much easier … but would it be as much fun? Probably not. So, for the next three weeks, until I can filter in some more blonde highlights, it’s strictly headbands and ponytails for me!

I suppose I can't possibly look good in every hair colour 🙁

Today was a rest day for training, which I think I really needed. My heel was aching for the better part of the day, but I kept putting ice on it and running the spiky roller against it all morning, which seemed to have helped. However, once I got rid of that ache, I found a new one – a pain in my butt! Bringing out the foam roller tonight = best ache remedy EVER!

If you're a runner, invest!

Off to watch some Californication. It took four years of me prodding Mario to glom on to the show and finally he relented last night – and he loved it! What’s not to love really? We watched three episodes of season one, and it was still great for me the second time around, which is good because I’m in desperate need of some Hank Moody dysfunctional hilarity!

How did you spend the longest day of the year?

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