NYC Part 2 of 4: Reuniting the Katies

Day 2 in New York was quite liberating for this directionally challenged princess. While Mario went to check out the Museum of Modern Art and a bike art show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (check out his blog about it at, I hopped on the subway – ALONE – and made my way up to SoHo with no mishaps! I had a lunch date at 1 p.m. with some old friends, but arrived in SoHo at about 10:30 a.m. What to do? What to do?


I didn’t want to hinder my recently discovered directional abilities, so I kept it pretty simple and strutted down Prince Street, and meandered up and down all the side streets along the way. It was a miserable day, buckets of rain AND gusty side winds (my umbrella totally bit it, as did many others) so I may have looked like a bit of a drowned rat going into these closet-sized boutiques like Pinkyotto and Calypso St. Barth and Sample, but I didn’t care – I was on a mission to find a new pair of jeans to add to my collection. Sadly, I did not find those jeans. I did, however, find a stylish New York designer top from baby blue Line.

As soon as my watch hit 12:45, I booked it over to Dean and Deluca where I was to meet Katie and Caitlin. I was so excited for this meeting; it had been eight years since I last saw these girls. I was a bit early waiting for them, so with my eyes darting back and fourth across all four spots of the intersection, my stomach filled with fluttery butterflies. As soon as I saw Katie crossing the street, my face lit up.

Best reunion EVER! Drinking lotsa chocolatey things at MarieBelle

I first met Katie and Caitlin 10 years ago when they were young, impressionable 13 year olds, and I was a somewhat lax camp counselor at Camp Kippewa for Girls, located in Monmouth Maine. Our last summer together was 8 years ago, and it was that summer that our friendship truly began. Caitlin had nicknamed me “Grapes” due to her love of pelting red grapes at me, and I had nicknamed her “Evil One” for obvious reasons. For Katie and I, it was “Mini Me” and “Big Me” she was like the miniature version of me from our names to our music interests to our tastes in TV and so many other things, and to this day, I still see so many similarities between the two of us.

Caitlin (left) and Katie (right) helped make my time at Kippewa a happy time.
Katie started as my camper, then became an amazing friend, and is now my blogging mentor. Check out her awesome foodie blog:

Over the years, I have watched these girls grow from being awkward teenagers to beautiful, intelligent, young women. Heck, I was even there for one of their first kisses, and may have even documented it on film – sorry Katie 😀 And although we hadn’t seen each other in eight years, we’ve kept in touch through email, and snail mail, and blogs, and they’ve told me, in great detail, the tales of their high school graduations, and university graduations, and European travels, and I have told them, in great detail, the tales of Mario and our courtship and our wedding and my job and my European travels too. We went from being camper and counselor to amazing friends. And the second we sat down together, it was like no time at all had passed. They were, bar none, the highlight of my trip!

We went to Le Pain Quotidien for lunch and upon the recommendation of both Katie and Caitlin, I tried the restaurant’s Brunette Butter, which is basically Nutella without the chocolate – and ohmygawd, I fell in love with it. I was planning on buying some, but totally forgot, and spent the rest of the trip trying to find another outlet, but came up short. Boo 🙁

While perusing the menu, I noticed that there were calorie counts for everything, which Katie pointed out was a New York rule for chain restaurants. Unfortunately, the calorie count doesn’t really help me, but a carb count, well now that would have been a great idea! All throughout the trip I had issues figuring out the carbs of meals, and was basically guessing (my purse is too small to carry the Calorie King book with me …well, actually, it would have fit, I just didn’t want to carry it). I was pretty good over the lunch meals, as I tend to typically stick to sandwiches for lunch, but dinner was a bit harder with eating pasta and Ethiopian and eggplant dishes and Hagen Daz too! And as a result, I was forced to do A LOT of BG corrections over the course of the five days.

For all you diabetics out there, how do you carb count when traveling?

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