Rain, rain go away

I had great plans to go for a nice long Vancouver bike ride this afternoon, but alas the meteorologists lied when they said sunshine all weekend – it was pouring buckets today! So, instead, I went shoe shopping!
You may not think that’s much of an exercise, but please, do let me enlighten you: METROTOWN!
This place, otherwise known as the mall of hell, has over 450 stores; 19 of which are shoe stores. And no, they are not all situated side by each – they are spaced out over three levels and 1.8 million square feet! That in itself could be a worthy amount of exercise, but then you’ve got to add the people into the mix. Over the course of a year, this place attracts more than 18 million shoppers, the majority of which I think showed up today! Ohhhhhh how I long for the days of the Olympics when Metrotown, for the the time ever, was dead. No one was there, it was pure heaven. I couldn’t possibly say the same for today’s venture, though. See, I’m not the kind of shopper who likes to dilly dally, oh no, I go with a purpose, I like to get in, then out. But, it seems, I’m a bit of an anomaly. You’ve got your girls who walk with their arms linked five across; the texters whose focus is soley on their cell phones, and have no regard for oncoming traffic; the window shoppers, moving at a snail’s pace, living in la-la land. It is, I kid you not, an exercise in deeking and dodging, swerving and sidestepping – and yes, massive amounts of frustration too.
So why go? you ask.
I needed shoes.

Like Hunter S, these shoes are so done

Earlier this week I tried on a pair of Clark sneakers, which weren’t really my style, but I figured I’d give them a go, and my gawd, it was like plush, my feet sunk right into the shoes like they do a slipper. Ahhhh. But then I looked in the mirror, and sadly they looked horrible with my jeans. So I went back to the store yesterday with a different pair of jeans, hoping for an improvement, but no, no such thing. I contemplated buying a new pair of jeans for the shoes (they felt that good) but then figured it would probably be easier to just find another pair of shoes – and, as mentioned, Metrotown (the bane of my existence) has 19 shoe stores to choose from!
I went into Ronsons, nothing; A Step Ahead, nothing; Joneve, nothing; Geox, nothing; Feet First, nothing; Spring, nothing. I was getting quite discouraged. We were in one store and I found another pair of Clark’s that I thought were okay, but they only had them in wide sizes which were far too wide for my dainty feet (hahaha). I decided to go back to Ronsons, just for one last perusal before giving up, anddddddddddddd


A nice pair of comfy Hush Puppies that look perfect with three of my favourite pairs of jeans … now I got to break them in for New York! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


  • 9 a.m. BG before: 9.1 (granola bar, 1.05 units bolus)
  • 75 minutes of yoga with Alison
  • a mondo amount of hip-opening exercises, which I like, but also a bunch of flowing type moves, and squats, and plank push-up like things, which were quite difficult … note to self: don’t criticize a yogi’s music!
  • 11 a.m. BG after: 6.3

Going out for Indian tonight with friends – thanks Katie for the menu suggestions! Wish me luck with the carb counting; little bit nervous.

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