Is that an iPhone I see in my future???

Wow! It’s not even April and the temperatures in the Valley are already soaring above 20 degrees, the daffodils are blooming brightly, and the rat-a-tat sound of the bugs meeting their demise as they pelt into my windshield is non-stop  – I love that sound! I love spring!

Last year, we celebrated the new season with the purchase of our loft; this year, we’re celebrating with a trip to the NYC!

The last time I was in New York it was in the thick of summer, the week before the Twin Towers went down, and truthfully, it was not my most favourite trip. In fact, I was quite disappointed with it, given that I had been dreaming of New York ever since I was 14, when I first decided I was to become a world-famous journalist (still working on that). But it was sweltering hot, and smelly, and I was with a group of girls who had been several times prior and really didn’t think the things I wanted to do were the best things to do – like walking across the Brooklyn Bridge!

Shocking, I KNOW!

This time, though, is going to be different. Spring in New York is supposed to be gorgeous; Mario and I are the perfect travel companions; and the price was too good to pass up – $1,500 Canadian total for the both of us! And I get to see one of my most amazing girlfriends (and fellow blogger who I haven’t seen in what seems like forever.

I am, however, concerned at how well I’ll fare with all the eating out and figuring out the carb ratios to calculate my insulin dosages. I’m still fairly new at the whole carb-counting methodology (yes, I’ve had diabetes for 24 years, but when we all learned it, I was only nine years old, and relied heavily on my parents to tell me how much insulin to take, and then as the years progressed I just became real good at guessing, which worked probably 85 per cent of the time) and so, restaurants intimidate the hell out of me … but I did do real well when we went for Mexican with friends last weekend, so who knows maybe I’m on the upwards swing. 🙂

Breakfast shouldn’t be an issue as we’ve rented an apartment and I can pack away my tried and true breakfast of oatmeal and nut butter, and then acquire some fruit while down there. And as long as I can stick to a sandwich-based kind of lunch, I should also be okay there, as one slice of bread is usually 15 grams of carbs, which equals one unit of insulin. But dinner and dessert (my favourite meal of the day) could be scary.

I’m guessing the calorieking book, that my pump nurse gave me when I first switched over to the pump, will finally come in handy (it’s American-based, so the restaurants listed in it don’t really apply for us in Canada) – or maybe, this is just the start of an excuse for me to invest in an iPhone that has carb-counting apps … hmmm …. 😉

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  1. Robert Freeman

    Oh, what joy!! Princess O’ Pavement catch-up reading!! I almost missed this edition … I’m really techno-challenged, ya know? Like, howcome I don’t get an email when you post new blogs? Dang. Anyway, go for the iPhone!!

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