pregnancy in diabetes

Hot dogs? Are you freaking kidding me?

Just like my food cravings, my diabetic body seems to be reverting back to days of yore – those were not fun days. While I crave such unheard of foods (in my regular diet that is) as my pop’s homemade perogies and farmer sausage, scalloped potatoes, poutine, roast beef with carrots and onions soaking up the juice in the roaster, and hot dogs – HOT DOGS!!! – (something I have not eaten in well over a decade) my head has been riddled with post low blood sugar migraines. Hotdogs? Are you kidding me? Why am I not craving chocolate – something I actually like? This week I have had six migraines in as many days. Headaches so bad, I clutch my head trying to make it stop. Headaches so bad, I can’t open my eyes for fear of the brightness elevating the pain. Headaches so bad I spend hours in silent, …

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OJ uprising

What was I thinking? I mean seriously, I knew my blood sugars were going to be going low lots in the early part of this pregnancy; everything I had read had told me so, the doctors told me, heck, even in my first weeks of pregnancy, before I knew I was knocked up, I couldn’t keep up with the lows. So why, WHY, did I not go out and stock up on Tropicana shares the moment I found out? That would have been the smart thing to do. But noooo, I live in a world of denial thinking it won’t happen to me, I’m so up on this disease, I’ll be a master at it with pregnancy too. Cue the laughter of the OJ stockholders. I kid you not, I can’t keep up with tubs of orange juice I’m having to guzzle day in and day out. I’m drinking OJ …

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