Braciole: fooled by the name

April 20, 2013: Cook’s Country – April/May issue Braciole Braciole. Ohhh, braciole. Braciole. Braciole. Braciole. I just can’t get enough of saying its name, letting it roll off my tongue, pretending I were on the beach in Sicily, scarf around my neck blowing in the wind, over-sized sunglasses taking over my face. Ahh, yes, my first mistake in choosing it for my latest 12 Months of Cooking Challenge. Last month was a bit of a funny month for the challenge. I had chosen braciole (pronounced bruh-zoooool) early in the month, had sent Big Ring out for the ingredients, and then got curb stomped by a nasty cold, putting braciole on hold. Instead, I made that incredible chicken soup that I still dream of to this day. The cold lasted just over a week, and lucky for us the braciole ingredients were still in tact. The proper April challenge was a …

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Hike of a lifetime

These two weeks weren’t supposed to be spent at home. Before thumb-sucking alien baby made its presence be known, Big Ring and I were a planning a vacation touring the Amalfi Coast and other such European destinations. It’s been three years since we were last in Italy, an adventure we both fell in love with, and wanted to experience again. While we weren’t planning on visiting the same destinations this go around, we were planning on falling in Italy love all over again. Gelato, how could I not love Italy? But alas, the responsible one in this marriage (take note, that is not me) decided it best if we hold off on the trip for a bit, and instead paint our loft and put our savings towards baby accoutrements. Damn his responsible nature 😉 Painting chaos… thank goodness I spent the weekend at my parents! Still, Italy has not been …

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