Likes and dislikes

Today, with the sun shining bright and hot, I figured it was the perfect moment to give you a list of my current likes and dislikes. Why, you ask. Well, because while I have longed for Mr. Sun to shine down on me through this seemingly never-ending winter the West Coast has endured, and was so incredibly happy when I finally saw it shining through my windows, I’m now having second thoughts… now that I’m sporting a two-tonne watermelon off the front of my belly, I’m kind of fearing it. It’s the start of my likes and dislikes.

What I’m liking right now:

1. My new picture frame hanging in my washroom. With chalkboard paint on the inside, I can draw or write whatever I please for the day. Right now, it holds my current motto for pregnancy.

2. A weekend in Penticton cheering on Big Ring and the patriarch of our favourite Italian family as they ride the Axel Merckx medio fondo, which then leads into a week of holidays, which then leads to 1.5 months left of work before maternity leave – wahoo!

Have a feeling this is NOT how I’ll be spending this fondo!

3. Bikestyle Tours Bike Room Contest, a contest where people post pics of their bike room, and the best ones will be awarded either a Cadel Evans bike helmet (meh… I’m not a fan), Rapha gear, or Oakley sunglasses. Big Ring wants the Rapha gear or Oakley sunglasses… and honestly, totally not being biased here, I think his pic is by far the most original of them all. And really, it’s only fitting he wins given that this was the same company he went on a Tour de France bike tour with in 2003.

You can vote for Big Ring (hint hint ;)) under his pseudonym Jay Suburb, at

Things I’m most definitely NOT liking:

1. The excruciating leg cramps that are regularly attacking me in the middle of the night, leaving my calf muscles so severely seized up for days; it’s as though I’d run a marathon with absolutely no training. If this is what labour feels like, I have a feeling I’m not going to enjoy it much.

2. My hips, both hips, that are in constant pain, due to either being out of alignment, or sciatica … seriously, why do people NOT tell you these things about being pregnant? I’ve got a list of 32 points and growing that I plan to pull out if I ever have a desire to get pregnant again!

3. The infusion I pulled out of my thigh the other day that was gushing clear puss around a site that was angry red and swollen. Never had that before.

What are you liking and disliking?

Likes and dislikes was first published July 6, 2012.

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