‘Do you think you could be pregnant’

Happy Easter blog friends! I hope your long weekend has been filled with chocolate bunnies, colourful Easter eggs, yummy ham and stuffing (ohhhh the stuffing!) all encapsulated in a cocoon of love and happiness from family and friends.

My Easter treat to you: a story that has given me great amounts of laughter this week, while at the same time has somewhat scared the poop right out of me. This story is a story of the medical system, which on many occasions has been great for me, but at times has seriously shaken my confidence with some of the professionals in the field … like when an emergency doctor pumped me full of sugar when my blood sugars were already skyrocketing, or when a medical team gave my auntie a cocktail of crushed pills she’d never taken before, let alone seen, that subsequently caused her to go into vfib, or when I am constantly bombarded by the self-righteous stupidity of a diabetic nurse.

I was at the diabetes in pregnancy clinic earlier this week, and as per usual the first person I saw was the nurse. Now, in my month of appointments, I’d already figured she was pretty useless. I mean, seriously, trying to lecture me as to why my pancreas doesn’t work after I had just told her I’d had the disease for 25 years, are you kidding me? But this week’s appointment was the clincher.

I went into her office and she started looking at my BG numbers, and then scratched her head. Hmm, she said, you’ve got a lot a lows here. I agreed. Hmm, she said, this is a bit of a puzzle, why do you suppose you have so many lows. Trying with all my might not to roll my eyes, I told her I’d love to know. Well, she said, do you think you might be pregnant? I half chuckled. I totally thought she was kidding, witty sense of humour you know. But she actually repeated herself: I’m serious, she said, do you think you could be pregnant?

Are you kidding me? Do you not know where you work? Have you not seen the 15-pound belly I’m carting around?Ā  It’s a PREGNANCY IN DIABETES clinic for cryin’ out loud! Seriously?

Well, at the very least, it was good for a week’s worth of laughs šŸ˜€

Now please go eat some Easter chocolate for me! I’m dying here not being able to indulge!

‘Do you think you could be pregnant’ was first published April 8, 2012.

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